How to Embed a Website to Your Facebook Fan Page

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With the recent Facebook updates, it seems very difficult to customize your Facebook Fan page, since much of the scripting ability has been disabled by Facebook. But on other side, there are many apps on Facebook that can pimp your Facebook Fan Page without any need of scripting or HTML knowledge. A similar app, called as the iFrame Apps allows you to embed any website or custom HTML/text object to your Facebook Fan Page.

You can easily embed a blog to your Facebook Fan page by simply adding your blog URL. You don’t need any javascript or HTML codings. You can see a demo of the page here. Its recommended that you embed a mini website [mobilized version, so it takes less time to load. If you don’t have a mobile site, you can try adding your RSS feed. See the video guide below:

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1 Moshe Ovadia

Very nice, so its basically just tweaking RSS feeds into the Facebook, pretty easy and it really acts like large RSS reader.

2 Nguyen Bao Quoc

please tell me how to Embed a blog or youtube to Your Facebook Fan Page , i know one ,two percent about facebook fanpage .
thank you so much!

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