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This is a guest post by Lesley DeSantis, who’s a content development specialist for Twiends.

Because of its brief posts, active user base, and real-time updating capabilities, Twittercan be a great way to promote yourself or your business. With the way Twitter users keep on top of the latest news, the site is an easy way to reach a large number of peoplein a short period of time, especially if you follow a few simple tips.People are easily flattered. If you stumble across an interesting Tweet, don’t hesitate to follow the author. He or she will get a notification that someone new is following their feed, and likely won’t be able to resist the temptation to check out your profile to see who you are.

They also might be flattered that you’re following them, and decide to return the favor. The same logic applies to Re-Tweets. When you come across a clever Tweet, Retweet it. The original author of the post is likely to begin following you and might Retweet one of your posts in the future. Everyone who Retweets you will be broadcasting your username and clever comments to all of their subscribers, netting you tons of traffic and likely a handful of new followers.

Link your Twitter feed to your Facebook account. Your Tweets will be broadcast to all your Facebook friends, allowing you to tap into whatever social network you already have. Not only that, Facebook allows users to “like” and comment on those posts, meaning your Tweets can make it to the homepages of friends of friends on Facebook. If these users see something they like, they can easily follow the link back to your Twitter page. Encourage your website or blog readers to find you on Twitter.

There are even blogging applications that let you port your Twitter feed directly into your blog, usually by posting it in one of the sidebars. If you regularly contribute to online forums, include your Twitter address in your signature. The more clever, insightful, and interesting your forum posts are, the more likely readers will be to seek out your wit in other places on the Internet.

Once you get new followers, it’s important to work hard to keep them. Post regularly, but not too often. Twitter is a dynamic, fast-paced site. Users are constantly reading, retweeting, forwarding, and commenting on the most recent hot topics. If you post regularly about the biggest issues of the day, you’ll keep your name swirling around the site through search pages and top tweets and retweets.

Stay silent for awhile, and not only will you lose out on that publicity, but old followers might unsubscribe from your feed. At the same time, it’s easy to lose new subscribers quickly by overpowering their feed with a new message every 30 seconds. Find a happy medium that works for your purpose but also keeps your followers satisfied.

Of course, the best and easiest way to get followers in Twitter is to be a good Tweeter. No one but your closest friends really care that you’re about to get on the bus to go to work, and not even they care that you’re about to clip your toenails. The mundane details of your life aren’t interesting unless you can present them in a clever or humorous way. If your online presence is more geared towards news and current events than personal information, creativity is even more important. In this case, even your closest friends won’t be interested in reading 140 characters that blandly repeat huge news stories that nearly everyone already knows. On the other hand, if you can provide insightful comments or humorous twists on the news, users will happily forward your comments along to their friends.

Be clever and creative, and you just might be the next Internet sensation!!!

Article By: Lesley DeSantis

She is a content development specialist for Twiends, a Twitter Directory that helps you learn how to grow your social network and how to get followers in Twitter.

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1 Ammar Ali

Interesting post. I like the way in which you are writing. My best way to increase followers is to create killer profile and bio. And follow others..

2 KBharath

i have tried purchasing twitter followers and as soon as i purchased 2k followers with in two days twitter suspended my twitter account and from then i am against the purchasing of twitter followers and trying to follow the targeted people and also commenting on there posts and communicating with them on twitter ans also i am getting response from twitter users. dont ever buy twitter followers totally useless and that too from fiverr.

3 rabbi

I am using fiverr services for every new twitter account I create for my client and I get 12 thousand followers for only 5$ none of my account are banned so i think you were banned for some other reasons.

4 Rajkumar Jonnala

Nice post bro …….i didnt know that retwitting the status or link can increase my follower ……i will follow the above mentioned points may your tips help me in getting followed by some people

5 puneet tyagi

lemme share my personal experience which is very bad ………….i once tried a software which gave me 700 followers which is now decreased to 250 …….i will suggest you all that u should never go for fake followers or paid likers ……..it is always good when people come by their own

6 sara

I read somewhere that putting your Twitter feed on your blog might get you slapped by google for having duplicate content (ie you are likely to have links to your blog posts in your tweets? Do you know if this is the case? I removed my twitter feed from my blog just in case!

7 Sahil Umatia

I don’t think so, that would be a problem.

8 Philip

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the Facebook tip, I think cross promoting your social media accounts on different social networks is a great way to get followers.

Of course being an active tweeter and sharing content that your followers enjoy reading is very important.


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