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How To Promote Your Product Through Media Advertising

by Guest Author

This is a guest post by Petar Petrov, who works for Maxus in Denmark. Media advertisingis your key to targeting your customers. That is why it is really a big industry. After all, everybody needs to advertise to get their products known to the buying public. Media advertising may demand a lot of money. But it will bring great returns when used in the right way.You have to know where to put your money and how to get your message across if you want to make better sales and increase income. Before you even decide where to put your money on media advertising, you should know who are your target audience. Of course, to be effective you should have good ads to not only attract attention but gain retention in the minds of your target audience as well.
Television with the Widest Reach

Television surely has the broadest audience among your media advertising options. That is why it is the best means of advertising your products. Television has a great reach because it is on 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, you also have to place your ads correctly in order to get seen by the target audience.

Certain time slots are more appropriate for certain types of products. This is because certain hours show various different shows. Of course, each show has a certain market. This is the one you should watch out for in order to tap the right market. Certain channels are especially watched by certain type of people.

For instance, a sports channel would mostly be watched by sports minded people. That is why you would see ads for sports drinks, vitamins and the like. Certain channels are for kids too. You will see the toys on these channels. Fast food chains that offer toys with kiddy meals would also advertise in these channels.

On the other hand, there is also a cycle in which the television shows various ads. There’s a trend wherein ads aimed for Christmas are seen from September to December. Since people are buying gifts at this time, ads are mostly targeted for kids.

As children see them, they would begin asking their parents for the toys and the gadgets. Many parents would likely buy them what they want. The season after that, healthy options would typically be seen more as people are encouraged to regain their body figure back.

Printed Media

National newspaper is also full of ads. In fact, around a third of the pages of the newspaper are dedicated to ads. Since many people read the newspaper you can get your products noticed. And since the newspaper can be read more carefully, you have the choice to provide a more complete list of features.

Local newspapers are more targeted for a certain geographical location. So if your business is a local restaurant and the like this is a good choice of medium as well. On the other hand, magazines are targeted for a specific type of audience. That is why beauty products and cosmetic surgery are seen more in women’s magazines.

Radio listening is still in for some people. But it is not used that much anymore though. Still, if your target audience is believed to be radio listeners, it would still be worth including in your media advertising mix. Of course, don’t forget how powerful the Internet is today too. The most important thing is to get your products noticed by the target audience. And as much as possible you would also want to pick the media that would bring the most returns as well.

Article By: Petar Petrov

He works for one of the leading media agencies in Denmark – Maxus. You can chcek out his friend’s post at SEODesk as well.

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