How To Remove Whitespace From Google Plus

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Google Plus WhitespaceGoogle Plus recently got an extreme overhaul with some amazing features like adding cover photos and joining public hangouts. But one thing I personally didn’t liked is the amount of “Whitespace”. Although the white space has many uses [Read here]. But the whitespace almost spoils the viewing experience if you’re accessing Google Plus from widescreen computers. However, there a trick for everything and this one has too if you’re using Firefox or Chrome [ofcourse..].

Remove Google+ Whitespace on Firefox Browser

If you’re a Firefox user, and you have installed Greasemonkey Addon, you can install this userscript. Basically the script will center the stream on Google+. It just shift the stream a bit from the left. However it doesn’t resize the content box but it still uses the whitespace to some extend. If this till doesn’t fix this issue on your widescreen browser, you may try the another trick below.

Install the G+ Whitespace Remover script with the Stylish Addon. The script will stretch the content box, so it completely removes the whitespace issue. This script worked for me, as my screen resolution is 1440 x 900. This might also work for you. See the image below:

Google Plus Whitespace Remove

Remove Google+ Whitespace on Chrome Browser

Just install this chrome extension and it does the work. The extension is created by egoant.com. So basically it does the same thing what the Stylish Addon dos. It stretches the content box. You can test it by zooming in and out on Google Plus page.

Hope the whitespace is not going to stay for a long time. Google might have saved something to use that Whitespace. Do share your views!

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1 Wendy Cockcroft

Stylish just stopped working for me. I’m so annoyed and hate Chrome. What can I do?

2 Sahil Umatia

Well it seems like Google+ updates it’s CSS styles. And that’s why the script is unable to overwrite the current CSS styles. Looks like we have to wait until Google makes proper use of that annoying whitespace.

3 Larsifer

Yeah, I really liked Google+, and was beginning to use it exclusively over other social networks… but now it is SO ugly, I can’t use it at all.
Until Google fixes this whitespace thing, I have stopped trying to tell my friends and agents to use it, I don’t use it, and if it goes on like this for much longer, I will lose faith in Google altogether, and never come back. I really thought Google had some clever designers working for them, but if I turned this in as a project in design school, I would have been laughed out of the room. There is absolutely NO excuse to waste the screen like this. If you have plans in the future, wait until they work before destroying what was a beautiful site.

4 Rajkumar Jonnala

wow, very informative post.

since it was a problem for removing white space at google plus and its solved now after reading your post.

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