How to Setup Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is an online website tracking system to show you your website statistics in terms of visitors, page views, unique visitors, demographics and many other parameters. It also lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. It also let you to determine the number of mobile visitors and their locations. Google Analytics provides and in-depth statistics about your website, and if you want to improve you website statistics you need to setup GA for you website. Its easy to setup and use. You just need to create an account and install a script to your website code.

Go to http://google.com/analytics and click on access analytics. Now sign in with your valid Gmail account and click on Sign Up.

Now fill up the details, accept the terms and click on Create an account. You can give any account name. You can add as many sites under the same account. You can create other account and add another sites to it, so it looks systematic.

Click on the gear icon on left and flip to Tracking code tab.

Now if you want to track single domain like www.iblognet.com, select Single Domain. If you want to track sub domains like apps.iblognet.com, then select multiple domains.

Copy & Paste the tracking code right before the </head> tag of you website. Once you add the code, it might take an hour or more to detect the tracking code by Google Analytics. Once its detected the tracking status will change to “Tracking Installed”. See the video tutorial below:

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