How to Tell When Your Blog is Sick?

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This is a guest post by Greg. The health of a blog is always determined by the readers that visit the blog, and you can tell a lot by how your readers are responding to your content.  Your blog might be sick without you even realizing it, so let’s look at some vital signs that determine if your blog needs a health check-up or not.

Your bounce rate is higher than 80%Every niche and blog is different with where the average bounce rate should be, but usually anything over 80% is a little too high for your site, and you will want to lower that fever before it gets even higher.  Your bounce rate is determined by the visitors that come to a page on your site and then leave without visiting any other pages.  You can improve this by first offering information on the landing pages that the reader’s actually want to know, and then offer links to other useful pages on your blog to keep the visitor reading your site and building up trust.

Your blog posts have little or no comments

The health of any blog can quickly be seen by how many comments are on each post.  And when a new post comes up, how long does it take for real comments to start coming in?  I say “real” comments because some blog’s are so full of spam that the comments by real readers are lost in the mix.  If you have useful information, pictures, or videos, in your post than you will most likely get comments from people who either agree or disagree with you.  Either way, comments are great for your site and they keep people coming back to your site when they subscribe to the comments too, so do everything you can to encourage a discussion on your blog to keep it healthy.

Your traffic is static

You might be satisfied with the traffic levels of your blog, but the real factor determining if it’s healthy or not is if those numbers are growing.  You might be getting 20,000 visits a month, but if that number is the same month after month than your blog is sick.  You should seek to increase those numbers every month by running contests, giveaways, and even having interviews from time to time to get readers from other blogs to check you out.  The best way to get new traffic is to contact other blog owners in your niche and ask if you can interview them.  After posting the interview on your site the other blog owner will almost certainly link to your post, giving you a new flow of traffic.

No one else is sharing your posts

On every post you should have an option for readers to share the post via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Plus, etc, but if you are the only one doing this it shows you how sick your blog really is.  If you notice, on the big and successful blogs, when they make a blog post it only takes an hour or two before they have hundreds of digs, tweets, and likes.  This is a sign of a healthy blog, and although no blog will get there over night, this should be your goal.  If people are sharing your content it means you have worthwhile content to read.  So before your blog gets healthy again, you need to make sure your content is top-notch and worth sharing with the world.

The last point really is the most vital one.  It all starts with not just good content, but great content.  There is too much competition in the blogosphere to just have good content and expect to have a healthy and thriving blog.  You need to rise above the spam, clutter, and fluff that is out there, and write truly excellent and creative posts that will be the heart-beat of your blog’s health.  Yes, it takes work, but it’s worth it when you start seeing a lower bounce rate, more comments, and more traffic pouring in.

Article By: Greg

He tries to keep his own blog and his own body healthy as he writes for a teeth grinding mouth guard website and writes reviews like his GrindGuard N review.

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