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Importance of a Monthly SEO Progress Report

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Any business that is paying out for assistance with their SEOneeds to be able to evaluate the development of their campaign.Of course it is possible to see the basic results simply by taking a look into how the traffic to the sight has changed and also the rank of your website in the search engine results pages, however, this is not a great way of analysing your optimisation. A SEO progress report is the way forward.

  • Evaluate the Strength and Performance of Your Campaign with a SEO Report.

With in-depth analysis you are able to see how the campaign is making a difference throughout the whole process. As everyone knows, optimisation can be a very slow process.  You may not see a great change in the SERPs immediately, and in many cases it can take a few weeks or months before you make it to the first page.  That doesn’t mean your optimisation isn’t working, it just means that your rank is moving at the correct pace. Optimisation is about building organic listings, and just like anything else which is organic, it takes time to grow.

A SEO report allows you to see just how the strategies and campaign as a whole is making a difference behind the scenes. By carefully monitoring each step of your optimisation you will be able to see what is working, assess what needs improving on and what steps are failing.
By having this valuable SEO progress reportgiven to you at a regular interval you and the SEO company are able to improve on the areas of weakness and build a more solid and stable strategy that will help keep you on the first page of the search engine results pages for longer.

  • Bigger Isn’t Always Better

There is no need to ask for a massive eighty page SEO progress report however.  These types of report are only of use if you are working on the entire campaign yourself. It is far better to receive a neat report which concentrates on breaking down the information into readable and fully understandable results.
The larger reports may seem very impressive but there really is no need to be completely overwhelmed with too much information, which a lot if the time is merely repeating itself or trying too hard to make things difficult to understand. Simplicity is vital to an excellent report.  You can learn a lot from glancing at the data and pin pointing the areas that need more attention.

  • Pay Attention to Your Keywords

One of the important areas which need to be analysed at a regular interval are the results that your researched keywords and key phrases are bring in. You will only see the reputation building progress if a regular review of the keywords you use is undertaken.  This is definitely worth doing as these are the words which will be targeting your ideal audience.
By keeping a track on the words and phrases you use in a simple progress report you will see which ones may be doing you an injustice. Remember to ask for a report each month so you are able to keep an eye on the campaign as a whole.  Do not pay out for huge reports full of pages and pages of data, keep it clear and conciseso you can use all of the information to your advantage.

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1 Bhavesh Sondagar

Nice explanation on Monthly SEO Progress Report importance.But the main thing is setting up goal and then analyzing SEO progress that we are on right way or not.
Thanks for sharing.

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