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Importance of Meta Tags and HTML Structure

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Meta Tags and HTML StructureMeta Tags and HTML structure’s may sound you very basic to many of you. But it simply amazes me at how many people still do not ensure their pages have basic HTML components and tags.

Proper Meta Tags and proper HTML structure are top priority aspects that makes your website crawled, higher by search engines. And if you want search engines to know what your page is about the following tags should not be left out.

Meta Tags

There are different types of meta tags, like meta robots, meta author, meta content and many others. You can find the list here. But there are three main tags you should have in your page before the HEAD tag.
1) Meta Title Tag
2) Meta Description Tag
3) Meta Keywords Tag

The meta title tag is the page title which is visible to search engines and other users who are browsing your site. And the description tag is the page description which shows a small excerpt from the page. While the keyword tag is not visible to us, but its visible to search engines.Meta TagsFor example, if you want are trying to optimize a page for the phrase “Mobile Reviews”. Your opening HTML code may look something like this:

<title>Latest Mobile Reviews</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”All about latest mobile and gadgets reviews”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”mobile review, gadgets, latest”>

Make sure you don’t have multiple pages with the same tags, or your website may get penalized for duplicate content issue.

HTML Structure

Now there are many things to consider in a HTML structure like body tag, head tag, link tag or any other tag. These tags helps Web browsers, cell phones and screen readers to view your content

But you should pay special attention to Heading tags. [H1, H2, H3] Because these tags helps the search engines to divide your content into sections and also helps the reader to know what the actual content is about. And among these the H1 tag is the most important tag.

Let say, if you are trying to optimize your page for the phrase “Mobile Reviews” then you’ll want to ensure your headline has that keyword inside it.

<H1>Mobile Reviews</H1>

<H2>Sub Heading</H2>

The <H1> tag should appear as close to your opening <body> tag as possible, then <H2> and so on.

It’s upto you whether you want to use these heading tags or not. But if you’re going to spend a lot of time creating DIV-heavy pages just to stick CSS styles on your headlines. This will make your SEO work a lot more easier.

So this was all about optimizing your HTML structure in short. There’s a lot more in optimizing HTML structure like optimizing your javascripts, optimizing CSS, reducing HTTP request using CSS sprites and many more. In my next post i will show you how to lure search spiders in ranking your blog on Google top list.

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1 ombaim

I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.
But I have a question .. which is stronger, h2 and h3 headng or at Blod and italic in terms of onpage seo?
I hope you can help me ..

2 Mohsin Ali

I know that Meta Tags are very important for you blog but as far as HTML structure is concerns Matt cuts says that its not necessary that your blog should have proper HTML structure as long as it displays properly in modern browsers.

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