[Infographic] Who’s Using Google Plus?

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Google Plus not just came out with a bang but with a storm, crossing 40 million users since its inception in June 2011. And its not just you or me on Google plus, but you can also find Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and many other popular faces on Google Plus.

Flowtown came up with an interesting infographic which shows a demograpic of Google Plus users. According to the infographic Google Plus core users are from U.S. and then followed by INDIA and U.K. Also the infographic shows that Google Plus is mainly dominated by 63% of male users as compared to 37% of female. Do check out the infographic below. [Click on the image to Zoom in]

Who’s Using Google +?
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

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1 Paul Salmon

Google+ does look promising, but until Google can attract non-technical and non-webmasters to its offering it will continue to struggle, and possible fizzle out.  Facebook has a strangle hold on the market, and most people that I know personally haven’t even talked about Google+, let alone join the network.

2 Extreme John

Google plus is awesome given that it had just started a few months ago and it’s already booming with users. I can see it’s great potential in most businesses but what amazes me more are the statistics presented in the infographic. Mark Zuckerberg in Google plus is something to really talk about too.

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