How To Install WordPress on a Computer

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install-wordpress-locallyWordPress is an Open Source program, which lets your to manage your content online. Installing WordPress online is a simple process which takes less than 5 minutes to install. However installing WordPress on a Local Computer gives you more flexibility to test new themes and plugins on a Windows environment before trying out on a actual web server.

Other than testing purpose, if you’re a newbie, it’s good to install WordPress on your PC to get familiar with WordPress features or you might end up messing up your web server. Now there are many ways to install WordPress on your Computer. In this post I will share two ways to install WordPress on your PC.

Method 1 – Installing WordPress on Computer using WAMP

WampServer is an free to use web server package that allows you to configure Apache, MySQL and PHP on your local computer similar to that of a live web server.

Step1: Download and Install WAMP from here . While Installing WAMP choose the installation location carefully. It’s not necessary to select only C drive, you can select any.


During installation choose your web browser to access WAMP and allow Windows Firewall to access Apache HTTP server. You can keep the PHP email parameters as it is.

Step2: Launch WAMP server. You will see a new icon in the system tray bar. Like this one > WAMP status

Step3: Creating New Database – Now launch the browser which you selected previously during installation. And go to http://localhost/. Click on phpMyAdmin.

PHP myAdmin


Step4: Go to Database and create a new database. Ex: wordpress . And make sure you have selected “Collation” from drop down.

WAMP Database

Step5: Download latest version of WordPress from http://wordpress.org and extract in X:\wamp\www\

Step6: Now go to http://localhost/wordpress/ and click on create a configuration file. Select username as “root” and keep the password blank. Run the install.

WAMP Config

Step7: Enter Site name, choose login username and password. And click on Install WordPress.

That’s it! You have finally installed WordPress on your computer using WAMP.

Video Tutorial:

Method 2 – Installing WordPress on Computer using XAMPP

Using XAMPP is another method to install WordPress on computer. The installation procedure is almost same as WAMP. However I would recommend you to use WAMP server. If you still want to try using XAMPP follow the tutorial below:

Step1: Download XAMPP from here . Extract the zip folder to any drive.

Step2: Now go to xampp and start xampp_start.exe . Allow Windows firewall to access mySQL and Apache server. Click on xampp_stop.exe once. Then run xampp-control.exe.


Step3: Run xampp-control.exe. and check mark Apache and MySQL svc module, and start both the service. You will see an icon in the system tray.


Step4: Go to http://localhost/xampp/, select your language, and then go to security > http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php and change the root password.

Step5: Creating New Database – Go to phpMyAdmin > http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and login with username and password you choose in step4.


Step6: Go to Database and create a new database. Ex: wordpress . And make sure you have selected “Collation” from drop down.

WAMP Database

Step7: Download latest version of WordPress from http://wordpress.org/latest.zip and extract in X:\xampp\htdocs\

Step 8: Now go to http://localhost/wordpress and the remaining steps are same as used for WAMP server from Step6.

Video Tutorial:

Final Words… Installing WordPress on a computer is the safest way to test themes and plugins before trying out on actual web server. If you have any query or you didn’t followed any steps, leave a comment below and I will get back you soon.

Other ways to Install WordPress on Computer:

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Thanks for these tips. But I am not so sure, why we should install wp in a pc. Can you explain th uses of doing so. Can you find time to visit and evaluate my blog – technoloot.com Thanks again

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By installing WordPress on your PC, you can test different themes and plugins before using it on your actual blog. Also I have visited your blog, your blog takes too much of time to load. Also the page speed score of your blog is 78/100, which is okay. But you need to work more on optimizing your blog. Don’t use too many ads, if your blog is new. This will clutter your blog, hence affecting load time.

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