Is Your Blog Too Big to Fail?

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This is a guest post by Philip. In recent years we have heard of companies that were supposedly too big to fail, meaning that they would have to be bailed out if they were in a financial mess because their ruin could have a chain reaction to other companies as well. But as a blogger, wouldn’t it be nice to own a blog that was such an authority in its industry that even the most ground-shattering Google update would not even make the blog twitch?

Too many internet marketers are focusing on building micro-niche sites that are thin and void of great content.  Now, there is nothing wrong with going after a very targeted micro-niche.  I actually recommend going after very specific sub-niches when building a blog, but at least turn that blog into an authority on that topic.  Make it a site that other webmasters are going to want to link to in order to give their reader’s a great place to get more information.So, is your blog too big to fail?  Is it full of content that is unique and can be found nowhere else on the internet?  Is it supported by a host of high PR, quality, and white hat backlinks that are on other reputable sites?  Is it a blog that has a growing email list, subscriber base, and constant flow of new readers?

If your blog is not too big to fail than it is too small to succeed. Any little change in the search engine world of Google updates will mean dramatic changes in the rankings of your blog as well.  This is why you should not just focus on the search engines for traffic. Google changes their ranking algorithm all the time, and if you have a small but growing blog you will be blown around on these giant waves of change all too often.  Go after other sources of traffic as well.  Beef up your social media base with Twitter and Facebook.  Get involved with active social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Delicious and submit other people’s stories in addition to your own.  Start making videos like crazy and build a following on Youtube with your subscribers.  All of these methods can bring in a steady flow of traffic that does not rely on search engines.

By “big” blog I don’t mean that you need to have 100,000 subscribers or even thousands of pages on your blog.  I mean that you need to have a “big” mentality.  You need to make everything you do on your blog top-notch and designed to grow a business.  Determine to submit your posts at set times so your readers can know when to expect a new post.  Reply to every comment and email that comes in through your blog.  Interview other people in your industry to get a different take and to also help legitimize your site.  Run contests to not only get more traffic but to give your readers something fun to do.

Run your small but growing blog like it’s HUGE!  You might only have 50 readers and maybe you only get 30 visitors a day.  But write like you have a following of hundreds of thousands of people.  Don’t let spelling mistakes slip by and let every blog post you make be a masterpiece designed specifically for your loyal readers.  You will need to have this “big” mentality to grow a successful blog because someday soon you may have those 100,000 subscribers, and if you have had the “big” mentality all along than you will already be following the steps you need to take to remain a blog that is too big to fail.

Article By: Philip

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