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twitter-keyboard-shortcutsTwitter is one of the biggest social networking site, with 50 million of tweets per day and 600 within a sec. With the launch of it’s new version it has more enhanced with some great new features. If you are a twitter user, it’s damn sure that you might be using it twice or more, per day. To make your Twitter experience more comfortable and enhanced I have listed down some keyboard shortcuts that you should get used to.

* Homepage – g then h
* View your Profile – g then p
* Favorites – g then f
* Replies/mentions – g then r

* Scroll down – space
* Scroll up – Shift+space
* Refresh and Back to top – .

* Search box – /
* Search to view any user’s time line – g then u

* Direct Messages – g then m
* Send a direct message – m

* Create a new tweet – n
* Reply to a tweet – r
* Retweet – t
* Favorite a tweet – f
* Drill down into or close a selected tweet – Enter

* Switch between next and previous tweets – j/k
Hope this would help you in making your twitter experience more unique. If you know any other shortcuts other than these, share it with us through the comments and I will update the above list.

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