4 Tips To Make Money Online With Blogging

by Guest Author

Make-Money-BloggingVeteran bloggers know all too well that its possible to make money in blogging. As a matter of fact, a lot of professional bloggers who have been in the ‘business’ for several years now surely have a story or two on how they made a serious amount of dough just by publishing high quality blog posts on an interesting niche.

You only have to scour the web for such awe-inspiring success stories to have the courage to try your luck. But, if you’re just a newbie or someone who still have a lot of things to learn about successful blogging, then you may want to read on to find out how you could easily monetize your very own blog site. Read on:

Finding your blog’s niche is hard, but will be worth all the troubles once you start making money out of it – Image source

1. Pick an interesting niche. Most professional bloggers would readily tell you that you won’t go far in the whole blog monetization business if you don’t have a specific niche to work on. This is pretty much the same as with lawyers who specialize in specific areas of litigation: having a specific niche of particular interest to a lot of readers is one surefire way to build a loyal following and to increase site traffic.

Keep them clicking to your site; expect a fat bank account later – Image source

2. Work out in increasing your site’s traffic. As any seasoned blogger would tell you, there are several time-tested ways in generating and increasing site traffic. Such tricks include link exchange/back linking, guest blogging, forum posting, advertising promotion, publishing high quality content, and the like. Always remember that only blogs that generate heavy traffic can make some serious money in the long run; hence, do everything you possibly can to ensure that your blog site gets consistent heavy traffic.

You’d be wise listening to Yoda – Image source

3. Sign up for ‘income generators’. Aside from organic traffic, you may want to enroll your site in tested online income generators such as Google Adsense, text link ads, Chitika, BidVertiser, pay-per-clicks, affiliate marketing, donations, and the like. There are a lot of ways on how you could generate both active and passive incomes through your blog—you only have to have initiative.

Google speaks, you listen – Image source

4. Post only high quality web content. Now, with Google Panda acting as Big Brother watching your every move, you’d be wise staying away from plagiarized and sloppily-written web content. With nothing but fresh, high quality, and up-to-date content gracing your site, you’d surely generate the traffic and loyal following that you’ve always dreamed of. Most importantly, Google will reward you with high SERP rank, which, of course, means heavy traffic and some big revenues for your site.

Keep in mind that the whole blogging business is no walk in the park. Hence, you have to make it a point to always stay on top of the pack to ensure a continuous flow of cash from your blog site. As they say, no guts, no glory…!

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1 sanshr

pretty neat stuff..though there is nothing new but still good for newbies…keep going..!

2 Peter H Parker

Sometimes a lot of risks are associated with these kind of efforts.

3 Darren E

Totally agree, with most of the “income generator” type schemes there is only one earner.
There is no replacement for hard work on your blog and it will come

4 Kunal

IT sounds interesting to earn by blogging. But those who blog knows it very well it is very difficult to earn via blog…

5 Elga

As far as I’m concerned, one blog has to be outstanding to make money out of it. Multiple projects will do the same job with the same ammoung of time and money invested. I wouldn’t rely on one single blog. That would be suicidal.

6 Trung Nguyen

Nice tips to start make money blogging, I agree with you about #4 point “post only high quality web content” – we should do that.

7 Melissa

These are great tips! I also agree with Trung that posting quality content is extremely important for seo.

8 Chiranjeev

Nice Tips on make money online by blogging. Thanks for share!!

9 Rustom

I do niche blogging and it’s really fun. My income is higher compared last month when I don’t know about these stuff. Thanks a lot.

10 Saon Islam

Your tips are good but the problem is getting adsense account from google is so tough. I applied two or three times for a adsense account but they always disappoint me. Next I setup infoinks and chitka on my blog but their revenue is so low. Can you suggest how to get an adsense account?

11 Cyracks

Nice post but that yoda image looks scaring to me. I can’t actually look at its face lol. Nice post anyway

12 Panicos Varnava

Good post!

Would like to add that you should be passionate in your niche, or at least have a healthy interest, and as such you will find many things to write about.

Don’t worry about competition as competition is good, after all how many different types of chocolate bars are there out there?

Kind regards

13 Konrad

Maybe a bit more on a personal note, but, I find that just keeping the content fresh (as you suggested) will do a lot more for my ranking then building a ton of backlinks.

Combining the two of course is magic – but content still is king 🙂

All the best!

14 Paul

Pretty good article Anne. I have followed up on many of the tips you have presented here. Picking the right niche for people is the hard part. So it would be wise to research whatever it is you want to blog about…it really is that simple.

15 Jordan

This is very informative especially to newbies! It is true that having to start to formulate your niche with your blog is very challenging. Thanks Anne! This is very helpful!

16 Riz

Although this is a very huge subject but you’ve managed to sum it up quite nicely here. And yes, niche selection is quite a task for a newbie but with right research, there’s just no stopping. Thanks Anne !

17 anis

Awesome tips given here in this article thanks for sharing
have a nice day ahead 😀

18 Aqib Shahzad

Nice tips on making money online through blogging. Writing a good quality content is best because it will bring traffic towards your blog and if you have good traffic at your blog then you can earn handsome income through it.

19 Paul Barnett

You’ve covered it quite nicely in this post.
Niche selection and keyword research is still important in the grand scheme of things. I find Facebook is good for driving traffic to my blog.

20 Dorothy

Blogging is really fun but aside from it, we could definitely generate income from our blogs. Young bloggers nowadays are really fortunate for they could search a wide variety of ideas for blogging and make more income. They could spend less and make more profit. Thanks for sharing these tips. Many bloggers could get ideas from your post. Keep it up!

21 Vivek Jain

It is such a unique and wonderful post that I have ever read. In my opinion, The keyword choice is by far the most important part when doing blogging and content is always king in this way.
Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

22 Satya Srinivas

Nice post for people who want to start a new blog. There is no point in trying to start blogging on a niche without having proper interest on it.

As a person who has recently started a new blog, my experience shows that start blogging on a topic on which you are passionate about and on which you have a thorough understanding built up over a period of time. In my case it is gadgets and softwares and it is going fine for me.

23 Satya Srinivas

Nice post for aspiring bloggers.

I second your opinion that, there is only mantra for a successful blogging career. Select a niche you are passionate about and work hard to promote your blog. There are no shortcuts here.

24 Lindsay Felts

Just to tell that,in my opinion, trying to have a website that makes money, is that what you never have to forget: perseverance, interest, value. Your daily or weekly work on your blog will be recognized by getting more visitors.

25 Muhammad Gohar

Wonderful tips – I feel earning online requires patience and hard work.

26 Harshit

Woo.. Actually I am searching for something else , unfortunately opened your page , I just saw your article it’s worth of reading , I bookmarked your page whenever I got time to surely visit your page again. Thank you for sharing !!!!Keep posting

27 Nithin Upendran

Wow thanks for sharing awesome contents like this with us.You had done something great by sharing this post with us.Blogging had become a great source of income for many youngsters.This type of post will encourage more and more youngsters to blogging field.Thanks again howdie for sharing this post i really enjoyed reading your post.

28 Akaahan Terungwa


You’ve pretty much covered it all…I’ll only add that as a Blogger, you need to be an authority in your niche to stand out and make serious money. These days when everyone seems to be called ‘blogger’, only the guys with authority win in the long run.

– Terungwa

29 Emmanuel Obarhua

Hello Anne, how are you? I have been blogging and also reading some tips on how to increase revenue on blogging but the way you presented this article makes it more practical and I am encouraged.

Online MBA Programs

30 Michael Monturo

The main thing you can do to make money when starting up a new blog is to make sure every blog post is HIGH QUALITY. If you rely on SEO tactics to rise in the search engine and make money that way, you’ll be in for a surprise when Google changes up it’s algorithm.

Quality content and natural backlinks are the only way to have any staying power in the search engines. High rankings in the search engine means good traffic, and traffic leads to profits.

31 Raju srivastawa

Thanks for writing in such an encouraging post. I had a glimpse of it and couldn’t stop reading till I finished. I have already bookmarked you.

32 Esther Paul

The most important thing when it comes to blogging is just never go behind money; go for high quality content and care mostly about the visitors and money will flow in automatically.
Patience is must in Blogging!!!

33 madan ojha

Anne,very intresting and inspiring article specialy for newbies who want to know how they can earn money through blogging,thanks for sharing such articles with us.
keep it up.

34 Emmanuel MBA

Hello Anne, how are you. That was a simple but a good information which is worth the read. A good niche is a good foundation, and the strength of a blog, its good we pay good attention to it – it shouldn’t be all what we love as they always say, but what will pull in much traffic, its something very sensitive. Thanks for a wonderful article.

Emmanuel MBA

35 Julius Orias

Thanks for this awesome post! I’m glad that I found this site
that is related to my niche. I’ve learned so much with the this article
regarding making money online with your blog.

Have a blessed day,

36 John

Great post. I am so motivated now to begin making money online. There is so much power and money to be made with blogging and social media.

37 Brian

Wonderful write up indeed. Through my years in blogging, I believe that the key to make money through blogging is all about understanding and learning. Make money through blogging is not a 1-day thing. Instead, it takes months and years to learn and of course, forecasting plays a huge role too. Great write and definitely deserve a share on social media. Stumbled and have a great evening ahead!

38 Eric

Making money through blogging is idea. However, it is essential to promote your blog through advertising. Traffic is king.

39 tony nguyen

Great Article. As a Newbie Blogger, I gained so much knowledge! Thank You so much for sharing all these valuable Information.

40 Muhd Hanis

Useful thought. I also write the same thing according to my experience. Love to see most people are now interested to blog.

41 Shabina

Everything is good but getting a traffic is really really hard, I am not a professional blogger but writes when I get time. No matter what I write I dont get decent traffic. I tried all tricks but no result. Let me see if I will get any result with google Adsense

42 William

You nailed it. It really is this simple. Too often the process of making money blogging seems overwhelming. People are trying to do anything and everything to make money online instead of focusing on the tasks that matter. Thanks for this post!

43 Tauseef Alam


For me the first & foremost thing to make money online is selecting the right niche. If you’re not good at selecting a profitable niche, you can never make good money blogging.

44 Earl N Cox

Great article packed with great content.

I like you comment “Most professional bloggers would readily tell you that you won’t go far in the whole blog monetization business if you don’t have a specific niche to work on”.

Thanks for your contribution. You ROCK!
Wishing you success
Earl N Cox

45 Rohit

I think bluiding backlinks is most important as per for site traffic. backlinks are most important. Thabnks for this lovely article about online money via blogging.

46 Zeeshan

It Was Actually a Great write and definitely deserve a share on social media. Stumbled and have a great evening ahead!..Make money through blogging is not a 1-day thing. Instead, it takes months and years to learn and of course, forecasting plays a huge role too……I Personally believe that the key to make money through blogging is all about understanding and learning…..

47 Gary

Awesome article you got here…very informative…most pro bloggers do know that there is good money in it overtime, but if we had a better understanding of how to connect with different people personalities, we can get to the next level because we will know how to approach that individual.

48 Michael

Nice post. The only addition I would like to make to it is that you can even make money selling your own informational products also once you have established yourself as an authority. These products are easy to make and have become highly popular in last few years.

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