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Firefox-BookmarksIf you are a hardcore Firefox user, you might be using the bookmarks toolbars for bookmarking tons of sites on your bookmarks bar, so you can make it accessible quickly for future reference. Sometimes it might be tough job to manage all your bookmarks in a single bookmarks bar. Sometimes you might find there isn’t enough room to bookmark. Here are some couple of handy tips to manage your Firefox bookmarks.

You can manage all your bookmarks in a single folder, just like an hierarchy. Look the image below:

Whenever you want to bookmark a page just navigate through the appropriate folder and save the bookmark.

Tip 2:
Use short names to save a bookmark.

Right click on the bookmark link.
Go to Properties and rename the Bookmark to as short as 2 to 3 characters.

If you have huge list of bookmarks, you can combine above two tips into one or you should give a try to Roomy Bookmarks Add on for Firefox.

– Install the Add on from here: http://goo.gl/HOaUG
– Restart Firefox.
– Go to Tools > Add-ons > and click on options to customize settings as per your requirement.

Add-on Features:

– Show bookmarks name on mouse hover
– Unhide Folder names.
– Hide bookmark names with no icon.
– Option for spacing.
– Option to display icon size.
– Auto hide bookmarks bar.
– Multiple row for bookmarks bar.


Do you have any other awesome tip or use any other add-on to organize your bookmarks, please do share with us!!!

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