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On April 30, 2012
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A must have WordPress plugin for every Affiliate Marketers and Blogger, if you want to make money by selling products online. A simple tool that can earn thousands for you just for the price of $37.

ninja-affiliate-iblognet I have been using few Premium plugins on iBlognet, and Ninja Affiliate is one of those plugin I’m using since last few months.

Ninja Affiliate is a WordPress Plugin by MaxBlogPress that lets you to manage all your affiliate links at ease. The plugin allows you to cloak and brand your affiliate links with your own domain name. No more using spammy URL shortners like bit.ly or is.gd which makes a user to think: ” should I click on this link or not?? “.

The plugin tracks all link-clicks and manages all your affiliate links under one roof. That’s not all! The plugin has many more features, like combination of plugin GoCodes and SEO Smart Links does. Read the following review based on my personal experience.

Plugin Features

1. Dashboard MaxBlogPress-Ninja-Affiliate Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you a complete stats of your affiliate links. You can check the number of unique and raw clicks the affiliate link has received and the number of keywords you have set to link. You can add the number of keywords to link during adding a new link or you can edit the current one to add more.

The control column gives you the option to edit, delete or reset the number of click. While the sub campaign column allows you to add a new sub campaign for that affiliate link. For example, you have create an afffiliate link for hostgator, then you can add a sub campaign to that Hostgator link. You sub campaign would look like this: iblognet.com/go/hostgator/dedicated . The “dedicated” is the sub campaign for hostgator.

2. Cloaking New Affiliate Links MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Adding New Links

You can cloak infinite number of affiliate links with Ninja Affiliate. To create a new link, go to “Add New Link”, add the link name and affiliate link in the destination box. The Link name will be used for tracking purpose. Then add the ninja link. You can add slugs like /go/ , /recommends/ , /uses/ or anything you like. Ex.: http://www.iblognet.com/recommends/ninjaffiliate. It’s not necessary, you can also directly add the main slug. Ex.: . Also you can group them into a specific categories. Like I have grouped them into themes, plugins, web hosting etc.


You have an option to cloak affiliate links permanently . The affiliate URL will be always hidden and instead the cloaked URL will be showed. You can also over write the Affiliate Page Title. [Note: I avoid using permanent link cloaking]


Ninja Affiliate has one best feature, that it automatically links to the keyword with affiliate links . You just have to add those keywords while creating new link. You can add any umber of keywords. As you can see from the image above, the affiliate link will be automatically added, if the keyword “Thesis Theme” is found in any post.

Ninja Affiliate also allows you to modify status bar text , which is seen in the browser status bar when you hover mouse on any link. Normally you would see the destination link, but you can change it to custom text. And then you can also nofollow or open ninja links in new tab.

  MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

3. Customizing Ninja Links. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

You have an option to link specific number of keywords in the post. This setting will be pre-defined in the “Keywords to Ninja Links Options” settings page. You can set it to unlimited keywords by entering “-1” in those two boxes. You can also set all ninja links to nofollow and open in new tab by default.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Customize The plugin allows you to customize your linked keywords by changing its default link color, font size & type, and other styles. You can also exclude pages and selected to be automatically linked.

4. Back up and Restore MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Back up

You can also back up your ninja links and restore them later. The back up is done on your own server in the wp-content/naff-backup/ folder.

5. Ninja Links from Post Editor

Ninja Affiliate Post Editor

Ninja Affiliate is also integrated with WordPress Post Editors. You have an option to directly insert Ninja Links directly from the post editor. Although Ninja links will automatically link the keyword in the article.

But if you want to link to a specific keyword you can use the drop down menu to add ninja links. Only those links will be showed which you have allowed while creating new ninja links. You have to check mark ” Show in Post Editor “. You can also exclude all ninja links from a specific post directly from the post editor.

Plugin Performance

The plugin has some real great features, but was a bit disappointed to see the plugin performance impact. The plugin almost consumed more than 30% to 40% percent of queries . And because of this impact, it affects the overall plugin load time. For testing the performance of the plugin, I used the P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler by GoDaddy. I tested the plugin with and without using cache plugin and below you can see the outcome of the test:

Performance without any cache plugin

Ninja Affiliate Performance 1

  • Ninja Affiliate Queries Consumed : 38%
  • Ninja Affiliate Load Time : 0.1742 seconds
  • Total Number of Plugins: 15

Performance with Super Cache

  Ninja Affiliate PErformance 2

  • Ninja Affiliate Queries Consumed : 32%
  • Ninja Affiliate Load Time : 0.1422 seconds
  • Total Number of Plugins: 15

Performance with W3 Total Cache

Ninja Affiliate PErformance 3
  • Ninja Affiliate Queries Consumed : 33%
  • Ninja Affiliate Load Time : 0.1323 seconds
  • Total Number of Plugins: 13

There might be many other reason for the plugin impact, it might because of the server load or the number and different types of plugin used or the type of host. The plugin impact might be different for your blog. It can be higher or lower than this. Although I have notified about this performance issue to Pawan Agrawal of MaxBlogPress and he said they will look into this issue and there will be an update available soon.

Plugin Cost

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Previously Ninja Affiliate was available only for $97. But now there are two versions of plugins available – Single License and Developer License. With Developer version you can use it on unlimited sites, while the Single License can only be used on one blog.

The Single site license will cost $37 while the Developer version will cost $97 . Both versions of the plugin gives you Lifetime updates and 60-day money back guarantee – no question asked.

I would recommend you to buy Single Site License of the plugin which cost only $37. You can upgrade to Developer version of the plugin later on just for just $60. If the plugin is creating problems, you have 60-day money back option. So you don’t have to worry!

Final Words

Whether you buy it for $37 or $97, I’m sure you will cover up the plugin cost within a few days. The plugin is an ultimate time saver. No matter how many articles you have on your blog, just sit back and relax, the plugin will automatically convert the keywords into ninja links that can make money for you. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a blogger, it can quickly increase your conversion rate in promoting affiliate products. This is a must-have plugin if you want to make money promoting products. So don’t wait, grab your plugin copy right now!

Buy Ninja Affiliate

Disclaimer: This review is not a paid review. The review is based on personal usage and experience. If you have any query or opinion please leave a comment below.

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