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Now Edit your Videos with YouTube

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If you are a YouTuber, you might be very well know with its uploading and sharing feature. Unlike other video sharing site there isn’t much you can do on YouTube after you upload your video. But still YouTube is a popular tube site. Finally, YouTube now allows you to edit your videos online with some basic editing features like trimming, rotating, brightness, contrast and color intensity controls.

Just login to your YouTube account and go to your uploaded videos library and click on the Edit Video button or click Edit videoon the video’s page. See below:

Your video editor will look like the image below, where you can edit your video as per your need.

Once you’re done with your editing, click Save to begin processing the edits to your video. And if you don’t like the new version, fear not: you can revert to the original and save again. You can also save your edits into a new video and try out multiple versions.

Note: The new tools can’t be used on uploads that have more than 1,000 views or have a Content ID claim on them. In those cases, you’ll have to re-upload the video again.
See the video below for a quick review:


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