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Official Google +1 and Facebook Like Button for Chrome

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Google — The Search Engine Giant and Facebook — The Social Networking Giant, both have released their official +1 and Like extensions for Chrome browser. Initially, Google was first to launch the +1 button for Chrome, but then Facebook too followed with their Like button.

Millions of websites have already integrated the +1 and Like button within their web pages, but now it will be more convenient for Chrome users to like or +1 any page within their browser itself.

Install the +1 button from here. The +1 button works in a simple way. When you +1 a page it will turn blue and when you -1 a content it will again turn to white. See the image below:

You can also install the like button from here. The like button works similarly. When you click on the like button, it will pop up a like button. When you click on the like button, you also be provided to add a comment about the page. And the like will be posted to your Facebook wall. See the image below:

As the Facebook Like button was initially launched after the +1 button launch, the Facebook Like extension is not so popular in the Chrome store as compared to +1 button. Also the Like button still needs some uplifting. The Like button is a bit slow in terms of loading as compared to +1 button. Also Facebook can also add a Send button with more improvements in the Like button. Whether its a social networking, browsers, or widgets the competition between these two giants is taking on to the next level!!! Do share your views…

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