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Optimising Your Site For Bing

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Every SEO company is quick to sing the praises of Google. After all, it does hold the majority of the search market share in the US alone (currently sitting at around 70% although subject to monthly fluctuations). Not much is said about the big G’s closest competitors and very few SEO agencies aggressively optimize sites for Bing, which is now working in conjunction with Yahoo! to try and knock Google off the top search spot.

Common SEO Staples That Don’t Necessarily Affect Bing SERPs

Google loyalists are lucky –the effect that various algorithms have had on different types of websites has been well documented. Matt Cutts and various other SEO professionals are quick to address concerns and offer up advice and guidance. Although there is an SEO community supporting Bing, offerings are low-key and largely speculative. The opinion is, however, that if you want to rank well with Bing, you’ll need to rearrange your thinking when it comes to several factors:

  • PageRank doesn’t actually affect your SERPs. Google allegedly places great importance on that popular little star-rating but it seems that Bing cares more about the age of your domain. Generally, the older a site, the higher it will rank for your search term. This is considered by some to be largely discriminative and allows start-up companies no control over the success of their site.
  • Bing likes inbound links, but not just any inbound links – it’s best if you can gain links from sites that have your chosen keywords in their title tags. Google will consider inbound links from any source and judges their relevancy, whereas Bing doesn’t. This indicates that optimizing for Bing may be a little bit more demanding in terms of time and labour, but that’s why you employ an SEO expert after all!
  • Just like with Google, spammy-looking sites are penalized, perhaps even more so because rankings are determined by the anchor link percentage. It’s never worth resorting to black-hat tactics as they won’t get you far up the rankings in either search engine.

The only thing that puts a lot of SEO agencies off the prospect of dealing with Bing is its reluctance to release any sort of guidelines with regards to optimisation. Bing is innovative in the sense that it’s something different for those who are bored of the usual Google routine, but it seems that their representatives need to communicate better with the SEO industry if SEO companies are going to sit up and listen to its pleas for an increase in market share. Web-owners want to know how they can achieve success quickly with minimum hassle and there’s too little information

In conclusion, it seems that if you want to please both search engines, you need to focus on quality, well-written content (as is the norm) and building relevant links, albeit in slightly different ways. Even though it’s not a major consideration in 2011, it’s crucial that webmasters keep an eye on any developments from Bing’s corner in case this search engine experiences a surge in popularity in the next few months. Don’t underestimate its potential!

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1 Stephan

I think your view is really interesting.
Honestly, i used to underestimate the role of Bing. When i try to start “Spread Campaign” for my blog. I only think about Google, but ít’s really hard cause it’s so popular, like all bloggers try it to find their dreamland.
Thanks for sharing your information. I will try it .

Stephan Wu

2 Akaahan Terungwa


In as much as What you’ve said is correct, the simple truth is that many
Internet users don’t bother using Bing at all! Immediately one want wants to search, google is entered.

However, when Bing becomes relevant again, your advice may come in handy!

– Terungwa

3 Shalin

While every SEO praises Google, this is something to think about. Since yahoo and bing shares the same results it is always good to optimize for these search engines as well.

4 Klaudia

Great blog here! Also your site loads up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

5 Kingsley

hmmmmmm…. An intuitive article!
Well, if Bing also values inbound links, then I think I should probably start building links through guest posting.
But the part about ranking websites because of their age, really isn’t cool at all. My site isn’t that old yet.
Is there any other way out?

6 Ali Mashuri

very good advice, so far I have not been applying it in my web, I try to time this

7 Bhavesh Sondagar

We generally prefer google webmaster tool while optimizing site for SEO but forgetting about bing. Its also as important as Google because I am also getting traffic from bing equivalent to Google search.

Thanks for the great post.

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