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5 Most Overlooked On-Page SEO Optimizations

by Guest Author

SEOIn our obsession to cover every single SEO strategy and tactic we often times overlook the most obvious of things. This happens more often by more SEOs than you know. It’s quite common for an SEO to spend countless hours building high quality backlinks to a domain without being more detailed with his or her website.

But to be competitive in any niche you cannot make this mistake. Especially in the more competitive industries like Finance, Insurance, or EDU to name just a few. In this post, we’re going to look at 5 particular on-page optimizations that are commonly overlooked for a variety of reasons.

1. Optimizing Page Load Speed

I know many SEOs and Webmasters who know that page load speed is important, and still don’t work to improve it simply because they don’t want to deal with the hassle. It’s crazy how many sites are still insanely slow. Don’t let this be you. Use tools like pingdom.com to evaluate your site speed and find new ways to improve it. Leverage caching, minimize your CSS and HTML, optimize database tables etc.

2. Optimizing for Mobile and Tablet Devices

There’s not one person involved in the entire Internet Marketing industry that isn’t logically aware of how important it is to have a mobile and tablet version of a website. Yet here we are in 2013 and still just a small fraction of websites that are ranked high in SERPs are doing this. Don’t make this mistake, there’s simply too much opportunity you’d be missing out on.

3. Authorship Markup

In case you’re not aware, I’ll get straight to the point on this one. Google is making more and more strategic moves towards evaluating the author of a webpage, not just the links and the content. It’s for this reason you must have authorship markup setup on your web properties.

4. Cleaning Up 404 Errors

In the old days this used to be difficult to manage, especially for larger enterprise level websites. Nowadays it’s easy as pie thanks to Google and Bing webmaster tools. Yet it’s still an effort most webmasters and SEOs are terrible at keeping up with. Personally, I checkup on my web properties monthly to see what 404 errors are showing up and I setup 301 redirects to get those pages redirected to the proper place.

5. Fixing Broken Links

Using free tools such as Xenu Link Slueth, you can quickly analyze your entire domain to find where your broken links are. By going through and fixing these broken links you get the most out of your older content. This is especially true if your site is a blog since blogs tend to link out more often than static websites. This gets overlooked often because it’s considered tedious work by many SEOs. Tedious or not, it must be done in order to get the most out of your SEO campaign.

These are 5 specific on-page optimizations that are far too often overlooked by SEOs and Webmasters. Why? If these optimizations tend to yield such high returns in organic search why overlook them? One word describes the answer to this question. Focus. It’s very common for an SEO or Webmaster to get caught up in the trendy SEO tactic or strategy of the current day. So much so that he or she forgets the basics.

So the next time you sit down for a brainstorm session to figure out ways to beat your competition in SEO, think back to the basics. The simple things that yield high results. Because there’s a great chance your competitors are caught up in today’s trend rather than doing what works today!

Nicole is a writer for www.AgencyPlatform.com. They are the World’s most respected white label SEO company. Find out about their SEO reseller program.

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1 Sapna

Hi Sahil

Great information!

I use Yslow to monitor the performance of the application and my blog bugs so far as the download speed is concerned. I need to work on that to improve that.

Thanks for the reminder.


2 Sahil Umatia

Yes, YSlow is a great tool for debugging website speed.

3 Svetlana Koslov

It’s web posting post like this one why I keep returning back to peruse this blog. Now that you’ve empowered me on the basics I have a better gasp of SEO and a sense of clarity that is unparallel. I can now use the 5 tips as a funnel to decipher fluff from what’s really important..Thanks for sharing this foundational information.

4 Vikram

YSlow is pretty much great tool to use, i too use it..

And few of my sites have the theme that do not have much to load, just a few images and the content.. but my page is well optimized for bots

5 Anil Bhogia

i learn to SEO Training .so read the your blog and i impress your attentons based on Seo Proffessional.

6 sanchit

Hello friends,
Really a nice blog here, and thanks for share about Yslow tool for debugging website speed.

7 Ravi

Fixing up 404 Errors and Broken Links are Generally Avoided by the Bloggers especially by the Newbies. Thanks for Mentioning them.

8 Ram Shengale

Hey thanks for sharing these 5 overlooked On-page SEO factors. I think the most important thing is having proper 404 pages.

9 Ricky

Internal links are yet another on-page SEO method which people overlook. Users also miss anchor text variation.
Broken link is also often overlooked issue. People are not aware of existance of such links. It can be resolved using Google webmaster tool or Xenu Linksleuth

10 James Dreesen

Thanks for sharing your expertise. We are all focused on link building outside our website and forgot to noticed that we need some works on our website itself. I say its critical that we should do “onsite” optimization first then venture to “offsite” optimization after that.

11 Sara

This is a great list because it is precisely the things I have at the bottom of my to-do list but I either don’t know how to sort them out or I can’t face it. I am all too aware that my site really needs sorting out for mobiles and tablets but the one that intrigues me is the google authorship process. What actually needs to be done? Any advice appreciated…

12 myles

Yes , finding and fixing those broken links is a killer step , as broken links on your content hammer your seo the greatest on the list I guess.!

13 anil Bhogia

Really a nice blog here, and thanks for share about Yslow tool for debugging website speed.

14 Nishadha

It’a amazing how many people don’t include authorship in their blog posts. This is going to be huge this year and definitely help you out a lot in search engine rankings. And Google has made it as easy as possible too.

15 Abhishek

Thanks I have checked all. Through google webmaster. You can easily find broken and 404 pages.

16 Lee

My load speed is what I have been worried about lately. I have now got a lot of images on my site I am trying to keep the size down to help and they are all j peg. Is there anything else that will make sure they load quickly because they do lag a bit sometimes????????

Await reply lee

17 Sahil Umatia

Use W3TC

18 Alex Thompson

After seeing this article i am in hurry to implement authorship markup to my websites. I have fixed the other issues. I have found it very helpful. Thanks.

19 Lee

His once leaving a comment I have been playing about with my images and have reduced the size of my images and re formatted them and this has helped my load time. So thanks for pointing me I the right direction.

Thanks lee

20 Lei Broch

There is an increasing population of mobile users who search the information using their mobile devices. You need to make sure that your web site is properly optimized for mobile and tablet devices. In this way, potential clients or buyers could easily access your website using their mobile devices.

21 Riz

Page loading speed is important, not only from Google’s view but also from the visitor’s view as a slow loading site frustrates big time. Google provides a tool to test your site’s loading performance and it also provides a detailed report of what is causing the slowness. Thanks.

22 collins

You have actually did your home work very well before writing this, page speed and mobile responsive is what i consider a must do for every blog, Google loves blog that loads fast and so as your readers and almost 70% of some blog visitors uses smartphones to browse that is why every blog theme should be mobile responsive.

23 Josh Nadeau

Another great read. I am still surprised at the amount of bloggers who still don’t make proper use of the authorship tags. It’s easy to do and really helps your conversion rates.

24 Aqib Shahzad

Useful guide, these days the number of mobile users are increasing day by day. In order to make sure that you are getting maximum traffic from mobile devices and tablets etc you should need to concentrating on making your blog mobile friendly and for better search engine ranking, you need to slow down the number of 404 error and broken links.

25 Jack

Thanks for this valuable post. Actually all of this points are very new to me except cleaning up 404 error. Yslow tool also new to me , thanks to introduce this steps. All of the post in this blog are short and simple points. I really impressed.

26 Nikhil Bille

Lost of blogger are not thinking on to make their site user friendly for mobile and Tablet users. But now days most of users are using the Tablets and mobile to search their quires.
On-page SEO is most important factor after Google Algo updating.

27 vicky

Search Engines always like to give higher priority to websites which has lots of unique content and are updated on regular basis. No doubt sites like Mashable, Lifehacker or Problogger are pretty well optimized to rank higher in search engines whenever it’s updated. And hence implementing SEO on a blog in simple & straight-forward. It’s never that complicated.

28 Sheeza Malik

Hi Sahil, amazing piece of article, I’m trying to learn more and more about SEO to get my business blog on track ASAP. On-Page looks very important to me as compared to off-page optimization.

Looking forward for more awesome tips from you.

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