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Updating status on multiple social networking sites is the most annoying task. There are many third party apps and softwares like TweetDeck and SelectiveTweets that does the job for you. But there’s always a risk of losing your accounts with these third-party apps.

Twitter recently added a new feature to its user profiles section, where users can link their Facebook account and quickly cross post their tweets on Facebook wall too. To link your Facebook account, head over to Profile section from settings menu, scroll to the bottom. There you can a button to link your Facebook account.

After you link your Facebook Account, tick the option “Post your Tweet to Facebook” and save your profile. Now whenever you post an update to twitter, your tweet will also be published to your linked Facebook wall. Only original tweets will be posted and not your @mentions and @replies.

Once you start updating status on twitter, it will be instantly posted on Facebook wall, if you have enabled the option. See the image below:

One thing to note here that, once you link your account “each” tweet would be updated to Facebook wall. This might look spammy to your Facebook friends, if you are tweeting more that 10 or 30 updates a day. Then it would be better to use SelectiveTweets [Facebook App], which will post Tweets to Facebook only if the #fb tag is present. What do you think about this feature? Do share your views!!!

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