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This is a guest post by Catherine Jones. Promoting content within social media does not mean just adding a twitter or a facebook account and randomly making posts. Just because you have a Twitter account, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be making more sales. To get maximum benefit for your social campaigns first identify the goal of the campaign.Some questions that can get you started:

1. What is the goal of the campaign? What do you want to accomplish with social media?
Make sure you identify a goal that is measurable and time bound.

2. Who am I writing this content for?
Identify who your organization wants to reach and find out how they are using social media. By identifying what the audience does online you can find the right means to “get their attention”.

Though surveys, focus groups and other services can give you an analysis of what your current audience is doing online, the best approach is to study the audience directly through observation. Direct observation works best. For instance, if you are considering a Facebook profile, before you set up an organizational presence – spend some time searching to see if and if anyone has set up a Fan Page or Group to talk about your organization or issue area. Or, if you are considering a blog, find out who the key bloggers are in your topic area. This will allow you to observe what your audience is saying in their natural environment. Some social media strategists call this step “listening” and it is essential first step in developing your social media strategy.

3. Be Engaging
Social marketing is not just about promoting your product. It works only if it is interactive and engaging. Focus on a strategy that helps in developing relationships, having a conversation, and getting insights from your audience. Get to know more about your audience. Their interests so you can provide them with meaningful conversation. You’re interacting with key audiences on the social media channel in order to build awareness for your organization’s brand. You can only achieve this through active interaction.

4. What actions need to be taken in order to get the desired results?
Identify other steps that you can take to achieve the goal. For example Blogging around your keywords is an essential piece of a content strategy. Write down the action steps – what blogs, how many, where etc.Once you have the strategy in place, promoting your content and business would be an easy task as long as you keep the goal in mind.

Article By: Catherine Jones

She writes for http://www.toyotaplace.com. She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.

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