PunchTab: The Best Way to Reward Loyal Readers

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Hosting giveaways is considered to be an effective way to drive traffic to your blog. But sometimes, picking up a random winner may be a tough decision. You might not know who are your loyal blog readers and who are visiting your blog just to participate for the giveaway. Sometimes you might feel, that you should reward your loyal and consistent blog readers, who are visiting your blog commenting, sharing, tweeting, and liking your content. And you should do it, because in this way you can build a strong relationship with your readers.

Here comes PunchTab to the rescue to filter out your loyal readers. PunchTab is a service for publishers, retailers and applications vendors to develop an integrated rewards program created by YouSendIt co-founder Ranjith Kumaran and former YouSendIt employee Mehdi Ait Oufkir.

Its a simple plugin build for every CMS like Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler or any other. The application works in a simple way. You just have to create an account, add a script to your blog and it will start tracking your readers social activity whenever he/she visits, comments, tweets or like your content.

How to Setup PunchTab?

1. Visit PunchTab.com and Sign up with a valid email address.

2. Next go to the catalog sectionand add the giveaway name, description and required points to redeem the giveaway.

3. Then go to Installation page and add the code to your blog.
4. After you add the code to your blog you could see a red flag besides the like button, tweet button, +1 button and near the comment button.

How a user can participate?

If the user sees any one of the banner, he should click on it and login with his/her Facebook’s ID.

The user should see one of the box below, where he/she can check its position with respect to number of points accumulated for the giveaway.

How users can earn points?

Visiting your site every day – for their first visit to your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Liking your content on Facebook – for their first Like on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Tweeting your content – for their first Tweet on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Google +1 your content – for their first Google +1 on your site every day your users will earn 100 points
Commenting – for their first comment of the day your users will earn 100 points

For each activity, the user will earn 100 points, and when the users reaches the required points, the user will be eligible for the giveaway.

When a user redeems from the giveaway you will be notified by email; you must then contact the user by email (provided automatically) to provide delivery. The user will be notified by email letting them know that you will contact them shortly and the appropriate number of points will be deducted from their redeemable points balance.

You can delete any giveaway from the custom catalog at any time or add as many rewards as you like. Remember that you are responsible for the costs and delivery of all rewards in your custom catalog. For further more information check the FAQ’s.

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1 rakesh kumar

Great share sahil, hope to implement but before that One question which always bother me how much loading time these facilities add to our site.
~rakesh kumar

2 Harkunwar Singh Kochar

I’ve tried both Rafflecopter and Punchtab but I feel Punchtab as more powerful.

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