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Replace Your Blogger Profile with Google+ Profile

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Every now and then Google is trying to integrate its product, creating more like Mesh structure with Google as the central hub. Recently after the integration of Google Analytics with Blogger, Google integrated Google+ profiles with Blogger.

Now Blogger users can switch their Blogger profile with Google+ profile. This integration will give your blog readers to get a chance to know you more personally. Also your friends in the Google+ circle will see your posts in their Google search results with an annotation that you’ve shared the post.

According to Blogger update, bloggers who switch automatically will get access to all Google+ integrations that will be rolled out in the future. If you’re not using your real name with your blog, this integration may not work for you. That’s why its completely optional to switch.

Currently, the switch is under beta mode and is only available for Blogger Draft. If you want to try this Blogger profile switch click here to get started. You can revert back to your Blogger profile back from here. Just follow the onscreen instructions. Of course you will need a Google+ profile to make this switch.

Many bloggers opt to keep their identity hidden for many reasons from expressing their opinions such as problems with their employers, political opinions, or any other controversial topics which they want to share it anonymously. It will be interesting to know, how many blogger publishers would like to opt for this profile switch. Do share your views!!!

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