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Facebook-ScheduleIn my previous post I showed how you can manage your Social media accounts using Gremln. But if you ‘re a hardcore Facebook user and you only like to use Facebook page to promote your brand/website, then you can schedule your messages directly from your Facebook fan page. The new feature by Facebook allows you to post your updates six months in advance in 10-minute intervals. So here’s how to do it.

1. Go to your Facebook fan page and add your message with any required photo or video.

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2. Click on the clock icon and add the exact time when you want to post the update. Choose the year, month, day, hour and minute you want your update scheduled for. And click on Schedule.


3. If you want to edit or cancel the scheduled post, edit your page using the admin panel and click on the “Use Activity log” and then you can edit or cancel the scheduled post.

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4. To edit the schedule you should be using Facebook as your main profile and not as your Facebook page or you will see a blank page.

Hope this tutorial may solve your query. If you have any other query or question, please let me know. I will be happy to help you out…!

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1 Mike

I think one reason a lot of people are afraid of Facebook is because they feel like they’ll have to keep things updated constantly. I think your advice here will help a lot of people to schedule things ahead of time instead of having to check in everyday to update things.

2 Syamsul Alam

Hey, nice finding! I use Facebook all the time yet I don’t know that feature yet… hm… 😀

3 Sanu Francis Dutta

Really cool feature you got to me, I’m currently using Postcron,Hootsuite like 3rd party apps for making schedule post, but now i can directly post them via facebook.

4 jinson


Day after tomorrow is my friends birthday and i want to wish him at 12:00 clock midnight.
I tried several times and failed for scheduling. Finally I found your page in google. The problem happened in my case was “I didn’t used Facebook as your main profile”. Now after changing facebook to main user I have scheduled wishes to 12 o clock. thanks Sahil….

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