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Yesterday one of my friend wanted to grab full screen shot of a web page. But he can grab only a part of the page, that is just the browser view of the page by pressing ctrl+ PrntScn on keyboard. I advised him to use Firefox and an extension called Screegrab.Screengrab is basically a Firefox extension where users can grab full page or just save the visible portion of the web page in a single click. When you grab a screenshot, it copies the image to clipboard and saves the image in .png format on your desktop. Just like the screenshot of this blog as below:

Screengrab also captures Flash and Java applets as long as you have Java installed. To use it, just right-click a page to bring up the context menu and look at the options under “Screengrab”.

  • Get Firefox.
  • Install Screengrab.
  • Restart Firefox.
  • Check the icon at bottom right corner or right click on any page to grab screenshot.

Install Screengrab Firefox Extension Now.

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