7 Secrets of a Great Domain Name

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Secrets-Great-Domain-NameStarting a business? Upgrading a blog? Choosing the right domain name can make all the difference in how your website is perceived and what kind of traffic it enjoys. If you need help deciding which domain is right for you, here are seven tips for making a choice you won’t regret.

1: Keep It Simple

Which is the customer more likely to remember? 123BirthdayPartyExpressAustralia or BalloonsForYou.com? While it’s okay to play around with potential domain names, remember that simplicity can be better than creativity.

2: Experiment With Keywords

If you’re a perfume company, your domain name doesn’t have to include the word “perfume.” You might also consider fragrance, smell, scent, essence, bouquet, et cetera. By playing around with industry-specific keywords, you’ll give yourself more options for finding a domain name that hasn’t yet been claimed.

3: Know Your Competition

If another business is known as CupcakeQueen, you don’t want to register QueenofCupcakes. Not only will you invite unflattering comparisons, but you might even lose traffic to people who want your site but misheard your name.

4: Consider SERPs

SERPs, or search engine results pages, are the way you get noticed on Google. Certain domains are more SERP-friendly than others. Keep this in mind when making a shortlist of prospective domain names.

5: Be Obvious

Your domain should clearly state what your business offers. There are some people out there who still don’t realize that Amazon is a shopping website because it doesn’t have “shop” or “mall” or “buy” in the title.

6: Beware Misinterpretation

Sometimes a domain sounds great in your head only to look terrible when written in the address bar. For example, just look at “Who Represents,” a guide to Hollywood celebrities and their agents. They made the unfortunate mistake of registering Whorepresents.com.

7: Choose The Right Company

The right domain name registrar will offer competitive prices and lots of options. You’ll be given your choice of service packages depending on things like size requirements, budget restrictions and fun optional features. Whatever you do, make sure you pick a host you can trust.

These are just seven ways to secure an excellent domain name. While it’s only a small part of your overall marketing scheme, it can prove a very significant one, so don’t rush your decision. Consider things carefully, keep these tips in mind and choose a domain that will make you proud.

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