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Share YouTube Videos on Facebook and Twitter in One Click

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YouTube is the most popular video uploading site, where millions of videos are watched and shared everyday. You might be one of them in the millions who watch more than 2 or 3 videos on YouTube per day. If you find the video to be interesting or funny you instantly share them on your Facebook wall or on Twitter. But for sharing the video you have to copy paste the link every time you want to share. In this post I will show you how you can instantly share YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and on MySpace, by simply clicking the like or the thumbs up button below the video.

1. Login to your YouTube account.
2. Go to Account Settings > Sharing
3. Check mark the activity sharing option you want to share. [Tip: If you are a frequent user who regularly likes, comments or uploads videos then don’t check these options as it could annoy your friends on other networks. Read here to control your YouTube activity sharing]
4. And connect those accounts where you want to share your YouTube activity. See the image below:

As you can see I will be sharing only two activities [Like & upload] on two of my accounts [Facebook & Twitter]. So whenever I like a video on YouTube it gets shared on Facebook and Twitter automatically. See the images below:

Video shared on Facebook
Video shared on Twitter

Remember if you have connected both your Twitter and Facebook accounts, the video link will be shared twice on your Facebook wall. This might feel odd at times. Try it yourself and do share your views!!!

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