Spotify Vs Pandora: Who will Prevail?

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This is a guest post by Ben Anderson.The online music industry in the US has just seen a viable candidate emerge in the market. That brand new presence is Spotify. Spotify is an online music file sharing system that offers streaming music straight to your desktop or labtop. This music system is a top competitor for Pandora. Both music listening methods offer some great ways to hear the latest and greatest music, for free. However they both have very different methods. The differences are in the limitations of time, pricing for premium listening, and of course the platform on which music is delivered to your ears. The competition for listeners is picking up, so lets see why.

As of right now, Spotify is trending. It is the new hot topic in the music world, and for good reason. With a simple request of an invitation from Spotify.com you can be up and running in minutes. There are a few different options you can take to when you download your Spotify experience.First there is the free version. This version is great! You can basically type in any song that you wish to hear, and you are listening to streaming music in seconds. On the contrary, Pandora lets you type in a certain song, artist or album and takes an algorithmic approach to create the perfect radio for you. Both options have benefits, and both have downsides. Obviously the way that Spotify lets you chose any song possible is going to open up “The Doors” (excuse my pun) to your listening experience.

However, if you are on the go, or have things to do, Pandora might be the better option. Spotify does have a artist radio, but it is yet to be proven to see if it can compare with Pandora’s immensely popular radio. With Spotify not everyone has the time to make a playlist while on the go. If you are looking for immediate satisfaction you might want to try Pandora. However, if you would like a fully customizable playlist, Spotify is the way to go. I am not sure who the victor is on the particular feature. I guess it really depends on your preference.

Spotify and Pandora also have differences in the amount of time you are able to listen for free. Pandora lets you have access to free radio for 40 hours a month. You can keep listening for $.99 or buy the year long subscription for $36.00. Not that bad of a deal, for unlimited music. Of course you will not be able to pick and chose the songs you would like to listen to. You can pick and chose the songs you want to listen to on Spotify but it is also going to come at a little bit of a higher rate.

The free listening is unlimited for the first 6 months of listening. So, by all means ride that gravy train while you can. After your six months is up, you will have ten hours a month of free listening, which is really not much, if you’re a music lover like me. Of course you can make the upgrade for price which comes in two different versions. The first, unlimited version is only $4.99. This gives you access to any song, at better quality, and without advertisements. So for a grand total of $60 dollars a year you can have all the songs you could ever want.

On top of that, if you add another 5 bucks a month you get much much more. For just $9.99 you have the option of playing tracks and playlists offline, which is great, and pandora definitely cannot compete with that. You also get unlimited, high quality sound music, along side with Spotify on your mobile device. While Spotify may be a little more expensive, you sure get more music, and with the ability to exchange playlists with friends is definitely a selling point.

The social aspect of Spotify is definitely gaining some leeway. Being able to check out what your friends are listening to is a great way to implement the social aspect of the music experience. This is something that Napster had first integrated back in 1999, although they never got there due to numerous lawsuits. With Spotify you also have the option to publish or keep your playlists private. This is cool when considering you can grab some playlists that your friends are listening to with the click of a button to broaden your music tastes. Panodra cannot even compare to Spotify in that aspect.

Nowadays its get social or fall behind, and Pandora is definitely falling behind, socially. This could be a pivotal point in the war between the two music companies. If Pandora fails to become social they may inevitably fall behind. Spotify is definitely bringing a lot to the table, which makes one wonder how they are able to do so legally. They scraped into the US barely on the premise that music companies are losing the battle with pirating anyway, so why not make a little bit of money where you can. Although they might be right, does that give one the right to free unlimited music? Only time, and a verdict will be able to sort that one out. Until then Spotify has been deemed legal and therefore can be marketed towards the masses at Pandora’s displeasure.

Spotify is still new. So therefore, a forecast is hard to say whether or not they will uproot Pandora in the long run. I still use my Pandora radio daily on my iPhone while jogging, working out, or even just out and about. That is free.

Spotify cannot compete with free listening on a mobile device. However they have millions of tracks for free, and include anything that you can possibly think of. Pandora may be a little less expensive for the premium version, but also doesn’t have as much to offer. The social aspect of music listening is definitely dominated by Spotify, which may be a key tool to their music takeover. Both music platforms are great, and I listen at work, on the go, in my car, and when I am performing link building services. It is going to very interesting to see this music battle take off in the coming months.

Article By: Ben Anderson

He is a music lover and enjoys blogging about many different topics ranging from entertainment to technology. He also works providing many different White Hat SEO tactics, including link building services.

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