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Why You Should Not Use Traffic Exchange Services?

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Getting direct or organic traffic from search engines is a daunting task which depends on many parameters like keyword, backlinks, content quantity and quality. It needs patience and hard work to build that kind of traffic.

But many newbie bloggers fail to understand this and land into traffic generation services just for the sake of getting traffic. They don’t know that these kind of traffic are totally crap. You will get traffic and people will come to your blog, but not for reading your blog, just for getting reciprocal traffic to their blog.

What are Traffic Exchange Services?

Traffic exchange/generation services are a type of website/software’s that provides traffic in exchange of traffic. The method is simple.

You place a widget on your blog, that displays articles from other blogs. And when a visitors clicks on that link, they will leave your blog and you will earn traffic credits.

Now these credits, will be used to display your blog articles on others blog. And when someone clicks on that link they will come to your blog and you will loose a traffic credit.

Most traffic programs impose a time limit where members have to stay on a page, from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Some make use of captcha’s to ensure users interaction.

The main reason people join these services is because they believe, that more visits will tend to increase in site rankings. But this technique is totally obsolete, getting your site ranked higher now depends on many SEO factors like keywords, backlinks, unique visits, on and off page optimization and others.

The Dark Side of Traffic Exchange Services.

I myself have tried these services and from my experience, it do works just in terms of getting traffic, but on the other hand there are 3 reasons why these traffic exchange services are useless.

Your blog is No One.

The first reason is that, there will be visitors on your blog but no readers. People will come to your blog. but not to read what you have, but just to earn traffic credits. Even if you have a blog with good design or have written the best article in your whole life, no one will read or comment on it. Visitors will stay on your blog just for a minute and will take less than a second to close the browser tab.

Sure, you are going to get traffic, but no one will subscribe you, no one will follow you and more over, no one is going to give you a damn shit to listen you. Your blog will lack building readership and community. More worst, they might not even remember what was your blog name or address.

High Bounce Rate.

The second reason is that, there is going to be a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave the site (bounce) rather than continue to view other pages within the same site.

Bounce Rate is the most important parameter in determining search engine rankings. And by using Traffic exchange services, it may negatively influence the rankings.

If a blog has high bounce rate, then it will be considered that, people are not interested in the blog content. And if a page has low bounce rate means that means the blog effectively causes the visitors to view more pages and continue to dig more into the web site. Hence, helping to boost its search engine ranking.

Get Banned from Adsense

This is one of biggest reason to avoid traffic exchange services now. As an adsense publisher, there’s no doubt that adsense is the best way to earn money online. That’s why its important, to strictly follow the rules and guidelines as mentioned in their policy to avoid the chances of losing adsense publisher account.

According to Google Adsense policies, they have clearly mentioned that Google ads may not be placed on pages receiving traffic from third party sources. Because using third party services might generate invalid clicks and impressions.which will cause loss to the advertisers.The third party source may be such as paid-to-click, auto-surf or click/traffic exchange services.

Also they have clearly mentioned in one of their blog post, that they strictly do not recommend using any traffic exchange services. However they have not mentioned any particular third party, but its better not to use any. Imagine if its GoogleAdsense Vs MGID/2leep/Wahoha, whom would you support for? Think!!!


Traffic exchange practice is controversial, as it may skew the results of a website popularity whether you use Adsense or not. It do works in terms of getting traffic, but search engine rankings not only depends on website traffic, but also on many other factors. Do share your views!!!

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1 Villa Puncak

Traffic Exchange is the solution for get online real visitors.. but, Getting direct or organic traffic from search engines is quite difficult for me..
thanks for article by aisyah (indonesia)

2 Stephan

Nice article.
i absolutely agree with your point of view about Traffic Exchange, that can be considered a good way to increase traffic but that has a lot of disadvantage also, especially you can probably get banned from google.
Thanks for your sharing.


3 Gaurav jangide

Really, if you are asking me about traffic exchange sites, then i have to say that I never support Traffic exchange sites in my entire blogging career and i also never refer them to my any fellow bloggers. But a few days ago, I found that some of my readers are using them to increase their alexa ranking to grab an attention of direct paying advertisers.

My dear friends, after this incident i have to say you here that kindly go to alexa.com site information page of your blog and in the click-stream section, you can find easily that from which sources/websites you are getting most traffic with percentage. So, If you are using alexaboostup.com and addmefast.com to increase your alexa ranking, then in the click-stream area, you can find these websites surely which only detroit your website’s reputation among the advertisers. So, quit it…

4 meisha

Hi Sahil,
I’m so agree with your post. Traffic exchange is worthless,it’s just give us a high bounch rates 🙁 In fact, a good blog is the one that having 2 minutes of average bounch rates. Lower than that, it’s categorized as spam blog and any search engines wouldn’t interest ranking those blog I think…

5 samrat

Hello Sahil,

Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative article with us. Traffic exchange is the most critical issue in SEO and to make your site popular. Hence, we need to follow some guidelines while dealing with traffic exchange services. I completely agree with the points mentioned by you.

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