5 Tips To Become Successful Blogger With Social Networking

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Successful Blogger With Social NetworkingSocial Media can definitely make your business successful, but we shouldn’t forget the fact that it won’t happen overnight. It should be used as a way to grow your business slowly and gradually and, hence, expecting quick results will be a big mistake.

A lot of websites, blogs and small business owners struggle with social media marketing and want to know how they can utilize the power of this highly effective medium.

1. Increase Your Visibility

You can easily increase your visibility with social media sites. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other popular platform, you will be able to connect with people and create new connections. You will be able to find people from different regions.

If you want to connect with people from a specific region, let’s say where you reside, then social media sites, like Facebook, will allow you to do so. Your visibility increases as you meet new people and grow your network. Hence, your business will be discovered by new people, who wouldn’t know about it otherwise.

2. Connect with People who Share the Same Interests

As you meet new people and grow your network, it is advisable to find like-minded people. It may take time to find the right audience and this is why you should never think of social media as a “get-rich-quickly” sort of thing. People will listen to you if you will tell them something that they like. This is why it is crucial to find people with common interests. Otherwise, your message will simply be ignored.

3. Find People Who Share the Same Goal

Now, here I am talking about your competitors. Find and join the groups of your competitors, because you will find your target audience there as well. Plus, you will also be able to learn from successful businesses who are conveniently selling their products or services to your market. Never hesitate to share your views, however, in a professional manner.

4. Feel Connected – Talk to Your Network

You should now be feeling connected and it’s about time you start talking to your network. Ensure that you first draw a line between spamming and talking. When you spam, you just post links and talk about your products. Whereas, when you talk, you actually take interest in other people, answer their questions, provide suggestions and even ask for suggestions.

This is what networking is all about and this practice (talking properly) actually helps you build your credibility and enhance the image of your business.

5. Get the Latest Updates to Keep Your Business Up-to-Date

As you will be connected with your market and your competitors, you will be able to have immediate access to latest trends, research and discoveries (of course related to your niche). This will help you put yourself in a better position by evaluating your own products and by understanding the needs of your market.

If your competitors will come out with something new and unique, you will know about it instantly. This will help you stay in the game by redefining or improving your products according to the needs of your potential buyers.

To succeed in social media marketing, you’ve got to be patient. Don’t expect quick results, but do expect good results. Be persistent and you will enjoy business growth very soon.

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1 Evan

You caught my attention again, and I’m looking forward watching this since I’m going to add a blog to my store. I already decided not to chose one of the free web blogs sites!

2 Gautham

Networking is the best tool to build popularity to your blog.

3 Shaun Hoobler

This is great Sahil. I’m a new blogger, so things like this are very important for me to start learning about. Many thanks.

4 myles

Yes keeping in touch using social networks is a really good strategy. And if done correctly it could bring out some great results. 😉

5 Kushal

Good one Sahil,

Good points. I believe that everyone should join their niche groups (not fan page) in facebook to improve networking.

Also creating PPT with social networking profile links and submitting it to the ppt sharing sites like slideshare, authorstream is a good idea to increase followers.

Solving others problems in social sites is the first base you should make.

6 Chetan

Very true. I Love no.5th point, for a successful blogger needs to be updated on latest market trends and do well research is most important..

7 Sef Cruz

Social media engagement is the key to success in blogging. The more people who share, like, tweet and retweet your blog, the more visible your website will be.

8 pavan

Yes Social media really helps in enhancing your work and it is key to success , as lots of people are engaged in social media this helps in getting visibility what we share

9 Wadud

Hi Sahil,

I agree with you totally that social media has become a huge source of traffic and income generation for blogs. Marketing from social sites immediately gets you in touch with huge audiences.

This is definitely something all bloggers, including myself, should pay more attention to.


10 Stephan

Hi Sahil,
I can not agree with you more.
Social media is more popular nowadays and it can be come a huge source of traffic and also increase your benefits .
Marketing from social website can be a very good strategy to attract more viewers to your blog,
Thanks for your valuable information.

Stephan Wu.

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