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Amazon.com has recently launched 5GB storage space Cloud Drive service with unlimited bandwidth for uploads and downloads. You can login with your Amazon ID to Amazon Cloud Drive [ACD] service or you can sign up for a account.

Dropbox is another cloud space service which gives you 2GB storage space with some limits on bandwidth. I love Dropbox because it creates a specific folder on your desktop which is directly synced to dropbox server. You just need to Drag and Drop files which you need to sync..

What I like about ACD is that it provides 5GB of free storage space to 20GB of space if you buy an MP3 from Amazon [Only USA]. The bad thing about ACD is that you need to upload files from your browser. But with Gladinet Starter you can directly upload files to your ACD account.

Step0: Create an account on Amazon Cloud Drive and Sign in. [optional]

Step1: Download and install the Gladinet Starter application from here

Step2: Once the installation is complete you will be asked to integrate storage provider. Choose Amazon cloud drive and enter your amazon ID and password.

Step3:Start Gladinet Starter and choose Back up by Folders [Mirror]

Step4: Navigate through your Dropbox folder location and choose the folders you want to sync.

Step5: Click next and choose the ACD location where you want to back up your Dropbox files.

Step6: Click next and choose Automatic Back. So your Dropbox files will be automatically synced.

Step7: Click next and choose a Backup task name, such as ACD or Dropbox sync anything you like. and click on finish.

That’s it!!! Your dropbox files are synced with ACD. Whenever you drop a file to Dropbox folders will now be synced and backed up by ACD via Gladinet automatically. Do share your views!!!

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