The Differences Between Personal & Professional Backups

by Guest Author

Cloud Computing Service ConceptProtecting data from loss and corruption is essential for business owners and private individuals. Having reliable backup software and hardware solutions for both situations includes storing sensitive data in multiple locations—cloud storage is gaining popularity as a convenient, secure off-premise alternative.

Storage Limits

Many home-computer users have opted to sign up with services like Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive that charge a nominal monthly or yearly cloud storage fee. These services provide ample room for most home computers, from 2GB to 100GB.

Business owners need access to much larger storage facilities than the typical personal account that holds family photos, favorite audio files and journals. The ability to archive data in separate folders is more important to businesses that are required to maintain some records for extended periods of time.

Addressing Compliance Issues

Business owners have legal and ethical constraints with regard to protecting personal information that home computer users don’t have. Although cloud platforms have a history of providing strong security gates, nothing is one hundred percent fool proof. Any off-premise storage option presents challenges because some loss of control develops when data is transferred away from the primary business location.

Medical facilities, legal practices and accounting groups must use backup software and storage devices that meet the high standards of HIPPA or Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. PCMag.com states it is essential for business owners to verify whether or not a backup-solution provider has cloud-storage options that address compliance.

Encryption protocol to protect data while in transit and after it is parked is essential to maintaining higher control levels.

Benefits for Business Growth

Embracing the cloud has many potential benefits for business owners:

  • Reduces expenditures for hardware and software upgrades
  • Encourages telecommuting and information sharing without expenses of establishing satellite offices
  • Allows business owners to test-drive applications and programs
  • Enables and promotes social activities between departments and customers
  • Mobility and Social Connections

Our society is becoming more mobile and more dependent on social applications at an astounding rate. While individuals want to be able to access their personal data from mobile devices anytime and anywhere for convenience, this ability is crucial to some business operations for efficiency and productivity.

Cloud-computing platforms give business owners the freedom to assemble their workforce from the four corners of the globe with real-time collaboration and information sharing capabilities. Shared access for authorized groups allows analysis of customer trends, employee performance and product development data.

Privacy and Data Protection

Reliable recovery is a primary concern for business owners. In the event of a disaster such as fire or flood, off-premise data storage makes it easier to return to full operations sooner.

Information from SearchDataBackup.com recently highlighted improvements on the market for software as a service customers. New releases for backup appliance software offer customers faster, more reliable recovery tools for working with cloud-stored data.

Whether you want to protect your personal data or the information created by commercial operating activities, computing in the cloud offers reliable solutions and innovations that deserve a second look.

Samantha is an entrepreneur and freelance writer who loves to share ideas on how women can empower themselves through technology.

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1 Atif Imran

Hi Samantha
You are right , I agree with you . Those days now has become part of the past when computer had just one purpose , entertainment , entertainment and entertainment . But the computer has become a very important part of our life , Backing up is more important than performance and speed .

2 Koj Tajo

Hi Samantha, Great split, I would say. Things are always better when it is maintained in that format and online stuffs are no different.
Thanks for great tips and information on storage and Back up.
Regards – Koj

3 Evan

Pretty interesting ideas. I haven’t thought about this issue in such a way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Will try to keep it in mind

4 dhaval

Wat I think is now a days more companies are pouring money for backing up their files on cloud,though they know that their files are not 100 percent safe!

5 Vivek Bhatt

it feels really great when I see a professional looking website. the contents are very attractive. since I likes this article , i would like to thank the author of this post 🙂

6 himanshu

Professional backups pose a more secure data than to those for professional backups.It all depends on the space and security which let you decide whether to move on for professional backup or to remain at personal one’s

7 Oscar Price

Thinking inside the box: Three-quarters of business owners say their archived email is worth $100,000 but nearly half haven’t mastered email storage and retrieval.

8 Chris

I think I’ll be keeping my backups locally for the time being. But for smaller files, having a cloud storage sure is handy especially if you need to access the file in other locations.

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