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This is a guest post by Davidson. Online videos have become a trend of entertainment and marketing. All of us love watching videos during our leisure time. When surpassed to watch videos with astonishing clarity and resolution, our passion to watch videos increases steadily. Online browsers prefer video content pages than chunks of texts. A website store displaying high definition video content is deem to be ranking above all others.

Videos prove to capture the audience of all age groups. A successful online marketer admits the significance of video marketing as it is in effective in enhancing the profit. Videos can be promotional videos, tutorial videos, corporate videos, testimonial videos, entertainment videos etc. A good video can help in branding your services/products generating good traffic by redirecting the users to browse through your site after viewing the videos. It creates reliability and trust with your consumers which gains maximum benefit.

Many still has not realized how easy it is to play videos in the site. The misconception about the difficulties in owning a web player and play videos still remains. However, with the arrival of flash players, owning and customizing a player and branding the videos have become a cake walk. Embedding a player to a website with ready to use scripts is a perfect ecstasy.

Generic Features of a Flash Player:

1) HTML5 Support- Being in Apple era, it’s mandatory to make the player compatible in iPhone/iPad. An FLV player with HTML5 support will bring the player available on iPhone/iPad

2) H.264/MPEG-4 format – High definition is the expression and watching videos in HD format is the superior choice.

3) Support various video formats such as mp4, mov, flv, m4v

4) FFMPEG – Convert any format videos to FLV while uploading via admin

5) Multiple Skins- Choose a skin suitable for your website

6) Social Icons- Optimize the most from social networking. A video with Facebook like &share/ tweet will circulate in the web more effectively and quickly. This helps to make your videos viral

7) Embedding- Display your Flash Player in another website with an embed code

8) Bookmarking

9) Native Language Support

10) Support Live Streaming such as RTMP, Amazon S3

11) Auto-Play from Playlist

12) Provide video description- Write ups for each video

13) Monetize- Preroll/Midroll/Postroll ads win commercial interest.

14) Set Video Buffering

15) Option to set Playlist open/close

Most importantly, you should be able to brand the player as your own web playerpost purchase. If you are able to customize the flash player the way you want, you are enjoying complete freedom to uplift your player and website standard.

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