Tips To Find A Good Domain Name For Your Niche

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When you start an online business the most important and first thing which comes up in your mind is about choosing a domain name for your product or niche. It is important that you choose the domain name carefully so that your product or niche blog is found quickly on the net. Finding great domain names requires some creative thinking, research and following a few simple guidelines to ensure the name’s usability for potential site visitors. Below are some of the tips you should consider when buying a new domain name

1. Think of the top 7 keywords.
When you search for a domain name it’s important that you keep 7 keywords handy that will describe your product or niche best. Do a keyword research. Use the keyword research tool by Google. Once you have them try to pair them differently or try adding prefixes and suffixes. Once you have listed then you can check on instantdomainsearch.com for it’s availability.

2. Check only for .com availability
If you’re building a website for a long term than it’s important that you choose only .com domain name. .Com domain are widely used. Also most of the internet user’s have a habit to use “ctrl+enter” keyboard shortcut after the domain name.So it’s important to make .com as the first choice. Try your best to get “.com” domain name, if unsuccessful then try for “.net” as a last option.

3. Make it easy to spell, type and remember.
Try to keep the domain name between 6 to 8 characters long which is easy to spell and remember. If a domain name needs considerable attention to type correctly, or it’s un-memorable due to it;s length like this one then you have lost a considerable good amount of portion about monetizing your blog or product. You don’t want be the company who launches awesome products, but it’s not easy to remember the company’s website!!!

4. Reject Hyphens and Numbers
Using hyphens and number might get you quick .com name but both hyphens and numbers make it hard to give your domain name verbally and falls down on being easy to remember.

5. Use an Ajax Domain Selection Tool
Sites like Instant Domain Search and Bust-a-name makes it easy to determine the availability of a domain name. Just make sure you don’t buy the domain name from these sites, just use it for checking availability of the domain name. If the domain name is available directly go to the registrar page of your choice to register the domain.

6. Check for Social Networking
If the domain name is available, don’t directly go to the registrar page to register the domain name. Check if the name is available on all top social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Digg. Go to Namechk.com to check if the user name is available.

Choosing a good domain name is an important part of marketing process that represents you product, company or blog for setting a great future ahead. The process of choosing a good domain name might seem very painful and time consuming but it will be worth the effort if you manage to come up with a descriptive, keyword-rich domain name.Good Luck in choosing the best one!!!

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1 Philip

Hi Sahil,

The domain name is one of the most important things about a website. What I think matters the most when choosing a domain name is taking time to perform a thorough keyword research and not rushing into buying the first domain name you find.

Research is what makes the things that come after that more easier. Thanks for the instant domain search tool, didn’t know about it, just added to my bookmarks.

I agree with you that hyphens are a bad idea, I think instead of hyphens you can use a suffix or preffix if you can’t find the domain name you were looking for.

Great tips Sahil, thanks for sharing this information.

Have a great day.Cheers.


2 John Mclane

Nice tips! Domain name search it also provide facility for alternative options, and alert set for getting the desired domain name. It is very important for business and popularity.

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