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On June 30, 2012
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MaxBlogPress Bring My Visitors Back is a WordPress Plugin that turn your blog RSS feed into traffic machine, generating more money for you. A simple tool that can earn thousands for you just for the price of $97.

WordPress-RSS-FeedsIn my previous post I showed, how you can generate more traffic using forums boards. In this post I will show you how a WordPress plugin can double up your traffic and revenue.

When your readers access your blog contents through RSS Feed, they become more reluctant to visit your blog regularly, because they get it all from RSS what they want from your blog. This leads to triggering less traffic to your blog and consequently, yielding less revenue than you deserve.

No wonder RSS Feed helps you gain repetitive readers and followers but there’s side-effect which can impose serious threat on you…

Well, most bloggers think that the problem with RSS feed is that:
– Their content is being stolen via RSS feed.
– Readers are not visiting the blog because of RSS feed.
– Readers are not visiting the blog because of full feed.

Watch the video now and find out how RSS is ripping off your WordPress blog!


Pawan Agrawal, founder of MaxBlogPress has developed a new WordPress plugin for bloggers called Bring My Blog Visitors Back [BMBVB], that can turn your RSS feed into traffic machine generating more revenue. The plugin will be launched on 5th July 2012. You can join the waiting list here to get notified when it’s released. Although, I got a complementary copy of the plugin before the release so I can give you a sneak peek preview of the plugin!

Plugin Features

MBP Bring My Blog Visitors Back ‹ iBlognet

1. As you can see above, the plugin gives you a flexible way to customize your RSS feeds. The plugin allows your to show related posts below every RSS feed post.

2. The plugin integrates social sharing icons into your RSS feeds, so your readers can easily share the post directly via email. Currently the plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon. It would be great if the Pinterest button is available in the next update.

3. The plugin shows the number of comments on each post as well as the latest user comment in the RSS feed.

4. The plugin also allows you to add Custom header or Footer contents. You can add Adsense ads, Affiliates banners or any custom message you want to display in the feeds.


What’s more? The plugin is compatible with every RSS feed reader. The options will be shown in every RSS reader. The plugin, also allows you to link your Clickbank ID in the RSS feed. So if someone buys this plugin using your affiliate ID you can earn 55% commission more from the MaxBlogPress affiliates.

You can see it’s live example by checking the blog feed here or subscirbe via email to check out this plugin.

Plugin Cost

The plugin will cost you $97 for Unlimited license with lifetime upgrades and email support.  And as usual, MaxBlogPress provides 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. And if you buy this plugin on the launch day [5th July 2012], the plugin will cost you only $67. That means you have to pay $20 less on the launch day. Hope there will be a single site license available soon!

Final Words

The plugin cost is $97, but it’s still worth it, if you see the other way. The plugin brings your readers back to your blog, rather than reading your post from the email. The plugin promotes your affiliate link to the subscriber, plus it’s generating more revenue with those header and footer ads in the feed. And if someone is stealing your content, you’re earning from them too, double up your earnings.

So get in the waiting list today to buy this plugin just in $67 on the launch day or you can also check out the free report here before buying this plugin.

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1 K Bharath

Wow may be the Plugin got sold like hot cake so they have closed the Sales for some days. and for sure this is very useful plugin for the bloggers who are facing problems from content stealers from using the RSS.

2 rabbi

this plugin looks worth trying to me but the price is a bit high. I think the creator of this plugin should create a single license buying option which I can afford and maybe other people will also find this helpful.

3 Justin

Nice plugin. Never heard of it and I try to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Funny thing is, I keep coming back to your site when I’m roaming the internet. Hope you don’t mind if I surf your site!

Thanks… again. for the good update haha

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