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Whether it’s XP or Win7, there has been lots of tips and tweaks to improve the boot time of Microsoft’s OS. But still there has been no specific solution for the boot time. Finally, Windows 8 won’t be having this problem. Because the dead machine can go live in just 8 seconds. Yeah, you read that right. In just 8 seconds!!!

A new video demonstration posted by Microsoft on YouTube shows that the Windows 8 can load completely within 8 seconds. Normally, windows takes some time to load its system after you press the power button. In Windows 7, you’ll find two options named “Shutdown” and “Hibernate”. Hibernate will save your work to a separate file and power off your machine and Shutdown means a complete restart of driver, kernel, systems etc..

But in Windows 8 they have combined these two things. So when you press the shutdown button, all user sessions will be closed, but the kernel session will be hibernated. That means it will be a partial shutdown/hibernate and not a complete one.

According to the blog post by Microsoft main goal with Windows 8 is to effectively draw the power when switched off and create a a fresh session after boot with faster boot up. The boot time is obviously faster, and it was due to partial hibernation. instead of a full hibernate, which includes a lot of memory pages in use by apps, session’s & hibernation data is much smaller, which takes substantially less time to write to disk. Watch the video below to see Windows 8 boot live.

It been also claimed by Microsoft that Windows 8 can boot faster than MacBook’s OS X Lion. Microsoft is expected to roll out more intro about the Windows 8 operating system at the Microsoft’s Build conference next week, where the tech giant is also poised to introduce an unannounced Samsung tablet, which is an Intel-powered slim tablet. Do share your views!!!

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1 Nagaraju G

Lol, It worked for me.
Thanks Sahil

2 Qasim

I have used Windows 8 and in my case it always takes more that 1 minute to boot to Windows 8. My PC specs are Core i3 (3rd Gen) and 4GB ram.

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