Why Vine Should Be Your Brand Storyteller

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Vine-For-Brand-MarketingDo you remember when 140 characters was considered a challenge? Twitter’s formula was a huge success and harbinger for future social marketing tools. It worked, as Twitter is now the second-most popular social media tool. Among teenagers, it is the most popular networking site.

Brevity Comes to Video

It took a shockingly long time, at least for the Internet age, for video to catch up to Twitter’s lead. YouTube, founded just one year before Twitter, gave us a way to share videos online. Brevity, however, wasn’t a concern on YouTube, even as Twitter’s formula took off.

Vine, launched in 2012, was quickly snatched up by Twitter, which was no doubt impressed that it was the most-downloaded free app in the App Store, notes AppAdvice.com. Vine videos are about six seconds long and can be strung together for up to 30 seconds. They endlessly loop, over and over, visually underscoring the message and brand.

Vine Over Chatter

Vine makes it easy for business owners and marketing staff who don’t have a lot of time or money to make videos. That isn’t to say that Vine hasn’t attracted major brands: The Gap, Sephora, Samsung, and Marc Jacobs are just a few brand-conscious companies that use Vine with great effect.

Vine’s appeal is that it enables users to quickly shoot video to capture or create spur-of-the-moment events and post them instantly if they want. In an age when more businesses are taking a DIY approach (or at least the look), the free Vine app (now available for Android) makes it very easy to shoot and post video to the Internet.

StoryVine Your Business

Vine has proven to be a useful venue for storytelling. Its latest app allows you to work on up to 10 posts at once and save them, making them particularly effective for stop-motion filming that’s quickly become a Vine staple. Vine is also particularly well-suited for the mobile market, which now outsells PCs by almost three to one.

Use Vine to shoot your office in action (a la “The Office”), your products in use, and to record feedback from customers. Anyone can perform for six seconds. Vine’s emphasis on brevity encourages spontaneity and, even if you carefully edit your pieces before posting, the platform still makes it look informal and unscripted. “Share life in motion,” urges Vine co-founder and CTO Colin Kroll.

Like any marketing endeavor, define your goal. What is the point you wish to make? With six seconds, it better be just one, or two if you can stretch it. Here are a few techniques recommended by various Vine experts:

  • Push a powerful fact or statistic. NGOs have used Vine for this with great success.
  • Stay with a single shot.
  • Use titles sparingly.
  • Be overly dramatic–it won’t seem that way in such a brief timeframe.

Looping lets viewers see your message over and over. Since videos are only six seconds long, a second look is almost a given. Now that Vine has added audio, messaging is even easier to achieve. Keep it simple and Vine will do the rest for you.

New Vine features include 15 channels and a reposting (or “revining”) feature that lets users share posts. The channels, which users select for their videos, supplement the Twitter hashtags and include Popular Now, comedy, nature, urban, and food.

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1 Stephan

Nice article
It’s very interesting when you write about Vine here. i think now it’s really popular now for internet community. Just only 6 second but the message that vine contain is more than this and it can be considered a good strategy for E commercial those days.
Thanks for your sharing.


2 devinder

I was not a big fan of Vine in 2013 but when I was (re)planning my social media marketing strategy for 2014, I couldn’t ignore networks like, vine or pinterest.

The power of Vine lies within the community, If you do it right, you have better chances of getting exposure. It is not the same with every other network.

Thanks for bringing this to us via this awesome post.

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