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smiley thumbs down StumbleUpon has been the best source to squeeze tons of traffic to your blog or website if used wisely. I myself have been a Stumble Upon addictive user hitting the Stumble button on my browser every day. Everytime I hit stumble button a new blog appears in front of me with new information available you never knew about before. Some of them were interesting to read and some of them worth to re-tweet, and vote them up again. But some of that were not so good, either due to content or design which makes me less than a sec to hit the thumbs down button.

What’s That Title.

ThinkingSmiley Everytime  when you open up a page or stumble a page the first thing which loads on the browser is the page title . The title says it all, what the page is about. If the title doesn’t sounds interesting or catchy the user would quickly hit the stumble button to open up the next page.

The page title is an important aspect of a page, if you want to get traffic from stumble upon. It hardly takes 2 to 3 minutes to fabricate a boring title into a awesome title that would go viral on the web and also gives a huge helping hand to newcomers on your site.

Load Time.

SmileyShocked Its been said by webmasters that a user would quickly go off the page if the page remains blank for more than 8sec. Obviously, why a stumble upon user would wait for a page that takes more than 5sec to load. It becomes more worst and the user would take less than a sec, if your page title looks less appealing to the user. So its important that you should quickly work out on your blog HTML & CSS to optimize it for readers .


Screaming Ads

yelling smiley We know that you are blogging for money and that’s why your are showing ads on your blog. But why your ads are stopping me to read your content. 90% of people thinks that blogging is quick way to earn money and unfortunately those 90% also thinks that displaying too many ads will increase CTR .

I have stumble many blogs which displays large size Flash banner above the head, then a 468×60 banner in the header, then again two rectangle sized ads below title, again 1 more ad in the sidebar, then comes up a nice large size image and then finally the content.
If you don’t make it easy for me to see what your page is about, then I’m stumbling on to next page, and I won’t even give you a thumbs down. You give the reader what they want, and you will automatically receive the perks !!!

Do I need a Magnifier???

Y smiley-magnifier ou might have a blog with good title and nice design, but why would I waste my time zooming in and out to read your blog content. I would simply stumble on to the next page. This is a common problem seen on every blog with regards to font size. I have stumbled on many blog pages which have a font size of 10px to 8px.
When its comes to blog, content in the form of text is an important element. A single pixel change in the font size, could give a huge relief to the readers eye. I myself have tried playing with the font pixel, and have found that a font-size in between 13px to 15px and a font-type of Times Roman or Georgia makes a perfect balance- not so big and not so small.

Bad Formatting!!!

nausea_smiley-300x289 Now this is a follow up to the above point. I have seen many blogs who writes great article with more than 500+ words but totally c hunked into one single para which looks more like copied from another blog. I usually find these articles boring to read which has no formatting at all . Your article doesn’t stand a chance to hit the like button, if nothing grabs my attention within 2secs. I would straight away hit the thumbs down button and stumble on to the next page.

What’s that Sound???

smiley-sound This is the most irritating one I have gone through many of them. I have came across many blogs, which do play an automated background sound screaming at you to turn you into a subscriber or download a copy of book which “he” created or simply add a song. I mean common man, I am here to read your blog but not to hear your favorite song. I will subscribe to your blog or download your copy of book if I find your blog interesting. The similar are for online videos which are auto played like YouTube.

Final Words!!!

Smiley Simple design, well formatted unique content will increases the chances of your blog fetching more readers, subscribers and traffic. These were some of my reasons for which I won’t stumble a page. What are your views? What’s your reason for not stumbling???

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1 hrmehrotra

hey dude awesome article…….i need followers for my stumbleupon profile but unable to get it while i m updating nice links daily

2 Guppu Boss

Great article with interesting images 🙂 very good info inside i am using stumbleupon but not getting enough traffic. 🙁

3 Sarah

I always thought Twitter was the best social media channel to drive traffic to my blog, but then I started sharing posts on Stumble and realized I get much more visitors from there. Besides this, visits from Stumble seem to be more consistent and I don’t have to share regularly so someone would find my page.
I really find Stumble a great tool and I would recommend it to every marketer 🙂

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