Infographic: Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again

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brand-buildingSome social media sites have come and gone. Others, like Facebook and Twitter, seem to be here to stay. Whether it was the business model, the target market, or poor quality that resulted in the downfall and demise of previous social media sites, they all faded away into the background as social media giants emerged. But some of these social media relics are attempting to make a comeback.

Friendster, for instance, is hoping to make a comeback by transforming itself into a game site. This move seems to be working well for the site, and there is a good possibility that they can make a comeback. Myspace all but died with the introduction of Facebook, but when Justin Timberlake purchased the site and transformed it into a music-centered, entertainment-heavy, artist sharing site, it started to take off again.

It would seem that reinvention is the name of the game when trying to resurrect a social media relic from the dead. Even Digg, a site that used to be a popular social media news sharing site that allowed users to rate stories, has reinvented itself into a sleeker, easier to use alternative to Google Reader. It is interesting to observe how these sites have reinvented their look, restated their purpose, and changed their focus in order to make a comeback. Below is some information on social media relics that just might stand a fighting chance at resurrection.

Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again? by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

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1 Edwin Moreno

Nice infographic. But I think you forgot to mention the incident of hijacking with Friendster by Southeast Asians & that was the prime reason behind the drawback of Frienster.

2 David

Today Infographics becomes the latest trend worldwide. People are always looking for some kind of new information that is very effective to understand the things and topics with the help of Infographics. people can visualize the tips and techniques. Thanks for sharing this information.

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