Write for iBlognet

Write for iBlognet


iBlognet invites guest authors and writers to submit articles on iBlognet. In simple words, when you will write for us, along with exposure, you will get back link, traffic & recognition.

iBlognet is a blog for “Bloggers”, “Internet Lover’s” & “Tech Geeks”. You can submit articles on Blogging, SEO, Internet Tips, Tech updates and many more. Guest posting is one of the excellent methods for branding your blog/business, getting high quality backlinks free and get fresh new visitors and subscribers as well.

You will get lots of exposure when you submit your guest post at iBlognet. This include backlink + traffic + recognition. We do heavy promotion for our published articles through social media, and by submitting it to several social bookmarking sites and communities.


We give all the liberty to self promotion until unless it’s not hindering our readers readability and guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully.

  • The article should be unique not published on your blog or any other blog in original or any modified form.
  • The article should be around 600+ words.
  • The article should be high in quality and in simple English.
  • We reject previously published in same/modified form on your/any other site
  • We reject self promotional articles for your product / service
  • We reject promoting products / services / companies
  • We reject hidden info /Misrepresentation of facts
  • We reject inappropriate / abusive language
  • We reject articles with too much of grammatical errors.


  • You can only link back to your “blog”.


  • Submit your guest post via email to editor[at]iblognet[dot]com


  • Reply to comments, so that you can build a good relationship with the commentator. This will lead to more exposure to your blog.
  • Promote your article on social networking sites. If the post goes viral, readers will be interested to know more about the author.
  • Write an excerpt of your article on your own blog. This will help your readers to showcase your skills and you might get invited by others too for guest blogging.

We try to keep iBlognet a free to use community, but if any one is found violating any of the above guidelines, he/she will be banned instantly without any notice. This will lead to instant ban and removal of all your blog posts and comments from iBlognet.

We have the right to delete the post or edit/remove the links to nofollow without any notice, if found violating the above mentioned guidelines.

Best Regards,
-iBlognet Editor