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A free, simple and secured cloud computing service, that lets you to sync, share and back up your files online.

Wuala is a free, simple and secured cloud computing service run by LaCie, that lets you to sync, share and back up your files online. LaCie is a computer hardware company specializing in external hard drive in Zurich.
As a free user you will get a 1GB of storage space free. But if you become a Pro user you can get upto TB’s of space with some additional features and service.

Just like Dropbox, it has a desktop client to share your files online. When you install the application, it creates a virtual drive on your local computer, where you can simply Drag and Drop your files.

When you store a file on the virtual drive it encrypts all the metadata of the file, before it gets uploaded to the server. You can share any type of file upto a limit of 14GB. You can of course share your folders publicly, in groups or keep it private. You can upload files from the desktop client or online which requires java installed on the PC.

How to get Wuala?
You can Download and install the app using this link: http://goo.gl/JKkK4. That’s my referral link which gives you 2GB of storage space instead of 1GB.

You can normally download the app from and get 5GB of storage from here without any referral link.

Just follow the on screen instruction and install the app. You will be required to create a new user account and restart your PC to create a virtual drive on your computer.

How to get extra space?

Now, Wuala provides some interesting ways to get those extra GB’s and TB’s.

1. By buying some extra space
Wuala provides you best deal as compared to other online storage services like Dropbox. See the chart below:

Wuala provides you 50GB of space @ €69/year
Amazon Cloud Drive provides you 50GB of Space @$50/year. Just a $ more than Wuala.
Dropbox provides you 50GB of space @$99/year. You can check the price listings below:
Dropbox Price listing | Amazon Price Listing | Wuala Price Listing |

2. By trading extra space on your computer with Wuala

Now this technique might be new in cloud computing service. Wuala gives you an option to trade your hard disk space with Wuala to get some extra space. You need to be online 4h/day to get extra storage space. Now here’s how it works:

Open your Wuala interface
Go to Tools > Options.

And click on Trade storage. Choose the drive you want to trade and specify how much space you want to trade.

Now if you are trading for the first time choose space below 20GB. Trading large space will take more time to earn extra space. Your earned storage is calculated by multiplying your average online time with the limit you have set in the trade settings and the data stored locally.

Earned storage= Avg online time x Disk trade limit x data stored locally

For instance if you are online 20% a day and your trade limit is set to 100GB and you have stored 10GB data locally. You would earn 200GB of online space.

20%*100GB*10GB=200GB space

That simple!!! Whats more, if you get extra space by any of the two method above, you will automatically become a Pro user with some additional services like auto syncing, back up and more.

3. By your referral link

If anyone sign up using your referral link you will get 3GB of additional storage (250 MB per successfully invited contact).
That means if you sign up using my referral link, you will get 1GB of extra space + anyone who signs up with your referral link, you will get 3GB space free. In all, you will get 2GB+3GB=4GB of free space instantly.

To know more about Wuala, do check out their FAQ section. They also provide you with some interesting video tutorial for start ups. If you are really serious about cloud computing, you must really give a try to Wuala.

Quick Links:
Wuala Website
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Download Wuala for Win | Mac | Linux | iPhone | Android
Referral Link for instant 2GB space http://goo.gl/JKkK4

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