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Zoho-Project-ManagementZoho Projects is a software company that offers a comprehensive suit of  business web applications to run and manage businesses online effectively without any need to worry of buying expensive software or updating them. With Zoho you can manage your projects from your office or when you’re not in the office becuause Zoho Project Management is an online application that can be accessed from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about setting up Zoho on your own servers or maintaining them, because Zoho provides their own servers.

Features of Zoho Project:

1. Planning: Create milestones, assign tasks, capture every detail with subtask and monitor progress with task dependencies. You can create tasks that needs to be accomplished within a period of time. This makes it easier to track your team members assigned job at a central location. This will have a clear understanding of job allocated.

2. Project Feeds: Track your team with regular feed updates directly on the dashboard. You can track individual team members work progress so you distribute workload equally. You can check projects insights and progress using visual dial chart on the dashboard.

3. Documents: You can manage and organize all documents of your project from a centralized location. It supports file types like .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, *.zip. This makes it easier to labels project files and create own file structure.

4. Gantt Chart: You can also use Gantt chart to check progress about your projects. You can generate reports based on duration of month or year and also based on a specific user.

5. Calendar: With managing projects it’s important to remind important dates and Calendar is an easy way to organize meetings and manage important deadlines, all from your browser. You can share your project calendar with the team members and organize team meetings keeping your team members informed.

6. Timesheets: These are useful for tracking start and deadline of a project. Its important to maintain timesheets in business projects to keep a track record about project completion. This can be useful in members payroll or client billing. This is also useful for recurring tasks.

7. User Roles: The user roles allows you to add users and define their roles in the project. Suppose your role is of supervisor in one of the project, then will be having your own timesheet, tasks and responsibilities. You can add as many as users you want to.

8. Google Integration: Another cool feature is Google Apps integration. You can integrate Google Drive to upload or download files from your drive to the project files, or you can access you gmail from the application, or you can export your important events or task to your shared Google Calendar.


If you compare Zoho Projects with other commercial Project management softwares, I found Zoho Projects cheaper than other in terms of pricing.

Zoho Projects offers you Enterprise, Premium, Express and Free version. You can try out the free version before trying out other premium version. And if you really liked Zoho Projects, I would recommend you to go for the premium one which will cost you only $299 per year with additional features. That is equal to $25 per month.

Zoho also offer your monthly plans, which $10 extra for Enterprise plan. That is $35 monthly for the Enterprise plan. So I would recommend you to go with the yearly plan than monthly to save $120 per year.

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1 Stephan

Very amazing software.
I usually get trouble with my schedule, i think this tool can help me a lot.
thanks for your valuable information.


2 meisha

It’s quite balance between services and the prices 🙂 But, I wonder what’s the storage for, if we can link it with google drive? But overall, you’re right about the prices, it’s cheaper than the others ….

3 Haroon Ansar

No doubt this business management software is very useful but also you have written a very elegant review . I always learn from your writing style .

Its free plan is not bad .

4 jonkalis

Recently I refer this link to my boss .. he started Zoho Project Management Software & getting awesome performance. so highly recommended this software.

5 David

Excellent points but the main reason I use Zoho is the fact that it is remote and I can use the app on my phone to plan and organise my business. This makes the difference for sure.

6 Benjamin Dell

Great article and detail. We spent some time experimenting with Zoho but found it to have possibly too many features (sounds mad i know) but we felt it difficult to get our clients involved in it at that level – difficult f or them to understand what the true nature of the project was at any given time. In our own small way we’re trying to solve this at Updatey.com; we’ve a long way to go but hopefully useful for some people who are looking for better ways to keep clients in the loop.

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